10 Best iOS Messaging Apps Recommended for You in 2018

If you recently purchased an iPhone, then you don’t have to hesitate by selecting the best iOS messaging apps to download now and start connecting with your family and friends. But don’t think you’ll just start communicating with your friends just like that. You just have to make sure that any of these apps are been used by your friends before you can be able to chat with any of them. Or better still, if you want to make new friends online, then these best iOS messaging apps been provided for you on this site is just the right deal.

It is no doubt that a message is the easiest way to communicate with people anywhere and anytime. One thing that makes the message so unique in the sense that it has an edge over calls is that even though the user’s mobile number is not connecting at the moment, maybe probably switched off, you can just drop a message bearing in mind that the person will read it anytime. Then come to think of these best iOS messaging apps then; it does help you to communicate with someone instantly even with just a small amount of your data rather than the credit you’ll spend sending messages to friends on direct mobile. So read further below and see the best iOS messaging apps been properly highlighted for you here.

List of the Best iOS Messaging Apps

Now, I’ll just have to present you with the list of the best iOS messaging apps and let you select the one that best suits you to download.

No 1.  iMessage

iMessage is one of the built-in apps you can discover in your iPhone. One interesting thing about iMessage is that you can still make use of it even though you’re not signed in. All you need do is just to go to your iPhone’s settings app, and then enter your Apple ID. Not only can you use this app on your iPhone, but you can equally use it on your iPad and Mac.

You can send messages and pictures to someone with this app. There is also a group conversation for you whereby you can’t be able to add someone or even remove yourself. Also, your conversations are properly encrypted to give you a high standard of privacy and security.

Download iMessage

No 2.  Skype  (www.skype.com)

Skype is a popular online messaging app that lets you engage in live chats and video calls with another user. But not just that, you can also use it to send messages to someone who is making use of the app. You can sign up either on the web, via the Skype app after download, or probably through a Microsoft account.

Skype allows you to send pictures and even files to someone online with a small amount of data. If you want to engage in online group messages, you probably need a Mac device in order to do so.

When you think of privacy and security, Skype got it all worked out through the use of end-to-end encryption, which allows your messages to be properly encrypted.

Download Skype

No 3.  WhatsApp Messanger (www.whatsapp.com)

Whatsapp is considered the largest and the most commonly used instant messaging app by any social media user and some popular internet phones. And iOS devices are so not left out in this one. Upon your sign up, you’ll be required to input your phone number as it is the main process of registration. Even though you make use of a wrong phone number, it’ll be verified via SMS confirmation.

Apart from sending messages, you can also share media files and documents with someone. And also, you can be able to save other files from another user to your device. Whatsapp also supports a Group message, where you can be able to interact with friends even though you’re not with their phone numbers.

In terms of the privacy and security, Whatsapp encrypts the messages you have between other users and equally stores your message database to your device.

Download Whatsapp Messenger

No 4.  Facebook Messenger  (www.messenger.com)

Apart from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger is another popularly used app by most people. With this messaging app, you can be able to send messages to someone who’s signed up on Facebook.

And also, you can be able to send photos to your friends online. One other interesting thing about this app is that you can be able to create groups and be able to add people whom you think are your active friends on your list.

Download Facebook Messenger

No 5.  Twitter (www.twitter.com)

Twitter is another cool messaging app, but it’s mainly used for more legit messages rather than personal messages. Apart from the fact that you can sign up via the web and use it on your iPhone device, you can also use it on some other devices that do connect to the internet.

Twitter allows you to send photos to your friend who you’re interacting with online. You can also take pictures instantly via camera and also send to the person online. There is also a Group message if you want to engage in one.

Download Twitter

No 6.  WeChat (www.wechat.com)

WeChat is another interesting and most popular messaging app which is supported by iPhone and iPad devices. This app helps you to send text messages to other users, probably your friends that signed up for it. Or even engage in a voice or video call communication with other WeChat users. Apart from that, there is also a group chat and calls which equally makes up its interesting communication.

Download WeChat

No 7.  IMO

Just like WeChat which was explained above, Imo app is another instant messaging app which is supported by iPhone and iPad devices and allows you to engage not only in online chats but also in video calls with your friends whom you’re chatting with. There is also the group chat for you where you can interact with other users at the same time. Don’t worry about your chats and calls because they are properly encrypted.

Download IMO

No 8.  Telegram  (www.telegram.org)

Telegram is another instant messaging app that is quite cool for iOS devices. Just like Whatsapp and some other messaging apps, you’ll make use of our phone number upon your sign up. Then a confirmation code will then be sent to you in order to verify your number via SMS.

Apart from sending messages to other users on Telegram, you also can be able to share files like videos, photos, and documents, with just a little amount of data online. Not only that that, you also stand the chance to engage in Group conversation with people in your room.

You don’t have to worry about security because your messages are regularly encrypted. With this, you can be able to sign up with any device of your choice without any issue because your messages are been stored in the cloud for you.

Download Telegram

No 9.  Line  (www.line.me/en/)

Line app is another unique messaging app recommended for iOS users, which is also encrypted like other messaging apps. Not only is it used as a messaging app, you can also see another version which is been used for gaming, or probably serving as a reading app. Sign up on Line via your phone number, and be able to create your profile. You can set and also join a group for conversations with people on Line.

Download Line

No 10.  Sicher  (www.shape.ag/en/sicher/)

Sicher is a fine messaging app, which is been developed in Germany. Sicher also offers you the opportunity to secure your communication. You can sign up for Sisher with your phone number and wait for SMS notification. But you have to bear in mind that your account can only be used on one device.

Just like sending messages, you can also be able to send group messages and engage in group chat with people.

Sicher Download


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