12 Best Places in Dubai for Your Memorable Tourist Adventure

Dubai has come up as one of the urbanest and interesting destinations in the recent times. The best part is that Dubai has something to offer to every kind of traveller. The laws also help in establishing safety for everybody who lives and visits this city. Dubai has literally mastered the art of creating a balance between culture and urbanization. If you intend to visit one of the best places in Dubai, there is quite a wonderful experience waiting for you.

Apart from just visiting the best places in Dubai, you should also undertake the amazing and wonderful experiences offered in the country. Visit the wildlife sanctuary and take a ride through the glittering waters of Dubai. If it heats up in the region, you’ll experience a cold snow to cool the weather. Dubai is also quite a treat and takes you back right into the historic culture. The list of the best places in Dubai has been detailed for you on this site.

Some of the best places in Dubai

Below are the listed best places in Dubai, which have been summarized for you.

Dubai Underwater Zoo

View of the Dubai Underwater Zoo

Dubai Underwater zoo is one of the famous places in Dubai where any traveller desires to be. No doubt it’s been considered as the world’s largest suspended aquarium with over ten million litres of water, and about more than hundreds of species of aquatic animal. The Underwater zoo equally has the highest number of Sand Tiger sharks in the world. You need to visit the place as it’s a nice place for tourism.

Jumeirah Beachunforgettable Experience of the Jumeirah Beach

This beach is a one-touch which you just need to visit upon your stay in Dubai. No doubt that it has attracted many tourists due to its nice view of the Persian Gulf, and the Burj-Al-Arab. You can also decide to walk around the beach where you can also find some cafes, barbeques, palm trees, desert gardens, and equally children’s park. If you and your family are planning on paying a visit to Dubai, you need to put the Jumeirah Beach on a budget.

The Ferrari WorldThe Ferrari World Tour, Abu Dhabi.

This is one of Abu Dhabi’s largest theme parks, where indoor activities are centred on anything you can do with a Ferrari. You stand the chance to see how most of these Ferrari and other nice cars are been produced. Even if you want to ride the Ferrari you’ll be given an expert champion that will help ride with you. You equally stand the chance to witness some live shows and the live theatre at Ferrari World.

Desert SafariEvening View of the Desert Safari

Undoubtedly the best safari provider in Dubai, the Desert Safari is a place where anyone visiting the UAE should have in mind. During the daytime, you’ll be allowed to see a camel farm and equally ride the camel, and also sandboarding. You also stand the chance to enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner and shisha.

Dubai Desert Conservation ReserveDubai Desert Conservation Reserve to Catch Some Fun.

This conservation reserve allows you to spend and enjoy some of your time in the desert camp. A dinner night is also conducted for you for you to experience the Bedouin lifestyle, where you can also experience Camel safari, Falcon shows, and other several activities that tend to entice you in Dubai.

The Dubai Polo & Equestrian ClubView of the The Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

If you pay a Visit to Dubai and didn’t branch to the Dubai Polo & Equestrian club, then you surely are missing a great deal. Giving the fact that this place is one of the best to visit in Dubai, you tend to get a relaxed vacation and also an exciting time. This is because you can decide to swim, ride horses, or even enjoy delicious delicacies and cuisines in the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. This is surely a place to catch some fun.

The Safa ParkJoggle Track at the Safa Park.

With an outstanding 64 hectare huge park, the Safa Park is quite an accommodative centre for you. There are about three lakes within the park where you’ll have to relax with a wonderful view of the park been positioned on a small forest and hill. You can also witness a waterfall sourcing from the hill together with a small fountain and small boats floating on the water. Children equally have their favourite spot in this park where they can be able to catch some fun.

Kite BeachKite Surfing Session at the Kite Beach, Dubai.

Located across the Al Manara Road junction, the Kite beach racks up thousands of tourists annually. Once you pay a visit to the beach, you tend to enjoy water sports and also participate in Kitesurfing. The environment is also a friendly one which makes it possible for tourists to come back after the first experience. You can also enjoy some other activities like Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Soap Football, etc.

Dubai MuseumAncient Arabic Fortress in Dubai Museum.

This museum is considered as one of the oldest buildings you can ever see in Dubai, which started at about 1971. What makes this museum most interesting is the number of galleries that link to the rich culture of the land. This Museum equally depicts a perfect picture for you on the discovery of oil in the Emirates with other old maps of Dubai been seen there. If you want to have a clear knowledge about UAE, then consider visiting the Dubai Museum as a guide.

The Grand MosqueAbu Dhabi's Grand Mosque.

This is one of the most famous and biggest mosques in Dubai. No doubt the reason why it is most visited by Muslims across the globe and racks up many admirers. The beautiful white and gold hues found in the Museum sparkles in the sun. This also changes during the evening by a unique framework which shows a reflection of the moon. You surely have some fund memories to take home with after your visit to this mosque.

The Global VillageTravel & Tourism in the Global Village.

Located near the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, the Global Village is the leading family entertainment in Dubai, with a cultural attraction that offers unique shopping experience. Once you visit this village, every bit of your moment is filled with entertainment with different kinds of experience. The village also offers different kinds of dining options, entertainment, shopping, and also rides for children at the Fantasy Island. There’s also another street performance for you in this Global village to keep the fun rolling.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera House

Dubai Opera is another interesting place to visit upon your vacation in Dubai. Located in Dubai’s Downtown, this is a place where cultural experiences have been the top focus. Upon your visit here, you tend to enjoy musical shows, artful dance, and traditional music shows. If you want to experience a live excitement, you need to consider making your trip to the Dubai Opera.

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