2018 Seven New Best Apps to modify your Android Device

There have been wide competitions going on from the part of app developers. The main aim for this is to improve the features and accessibilities of your Smartphone. Due to the fact that many apps are developed on daily basis, it’s practically possible for you not to be able to know about them. Prior to this reason, about seven new best apps have been prepared for you on this site to keep you updated.

These seven new best apps have been developed with different kinds of task associated with it. It enables you to gain access to some different kinds of access which you’ve not yet tried out in your Android Phone. The fact still remains that each and every app has different kinds of things that can be done on it. So if you’re looking for awesome apps, about seven new best apps have been packaged for you on this site.

Seven New Best Apps for Android

You have to read below so as to see the list of the apps which have been detailed for you alphabetically.

CamToPlan APK

With the CamToPlan app, you can be able to map out rooms by simply taping your camera with the ARCore technology. If you’re engaging in construction and planning of your building, you surely need this app as a guide. Whenever you’re using the app, it’ll create a 2D representation whenever you’re scrolling to the baseboards of your room.

You can download the app on Google Play Store and see how it works >>> CamToPlan App

Google News APK

This is a new app for Google and it’s quite a great deal which tends to deliver full event’s coverage from the legit sources, and also from newspapers and magazines. With this app, you can be able to see Google’s news feed, recommendations, and probably make a request for what you want.

It is available on Google Play Store >>> Google News Apk

Mobile Screen Cast App

Ever wondered about the fact that your files will showcase on the big TV screen? Surely it will! With the new Mobile Screen Cast app, you can be able to connect your Smartphone directly to your TV and cast it on the big screen. Whether its music, videos, games, or even photos, this app helps you to set it up on your TV screen. So no need for you to depend on channels service subscriptions all the time. All you need do is to sub your Smartphone, stream your favourite TV show online and then set it up on the TV screen.

The app is available on Google Play Store >>> Mobile Screen Cast

Opera Touch

This is another opera web browser app for you. Once you download this app on your device, a syncing process is required for the browser app and it doesn’t require an account login. Upon this process, the QR code that you can  Scan with the app to your desktop version will be used in order to sync both of them together. Not only that, you can also see relevant features like the Search button, the Fast Action Button, Privacy browsing, etc.

Get this app on Google Play Store >>> Opera Touch Apk

Steam Link Android App

Another interesting Game stream android app for grab, Stream Link is a cool one for you. With this app, you can play a game which is on your PC in your normal Smartphone device. This can be done when you connect both devices via the use of a controller connection. What you need do is to connect your PC to your Smartphone, enable the link, connect your local Wi-Fi and then start playing.

Download app here >>> Steam Link Apk

TC1200 Flashlight

Prior to the use of this app, you’ll tend to be able to switch on the flashlight for extra brightness. This flashlight app is been used by the United States Navy Seals military-grade LED technology. One unique stuff about this flashlight app is the fact that whenever someone is approaching you and you flash the light, the person probably might not be able to see clearly who is flashing the touch.

Click on this link to download the app on Google Play Store >>> TC1200 Flashlight

YouTube Music App

YouTube has launched its new music service this month of May. This music app can be used to stream on-demand music to Google Play music. Having been recently launched this past month of May, the app is only available in the US only, but will soon circulate in some other pars very soon.

To be queued in the in-demand list, just visit the Google Play Store to download >>> YouTube Music Apk

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