2018 Top 10 European Cities for Tourist Visit

Just as this year is gradually unfolding, we know that most people must have booked their desired destinations for the upcoming period ahead. Even as most international football leagues have concluded in some countries in Europe and we’re moving over to the world cup, some players won’t still make it to the prestigious event. So, therefore, having an idea on most of the top 10 European cities where you could spend your season break or even for a tour to catch some fun is just the right deal for you.

One thing you need to know about these top 10 European cities is that proper considerations were made prior to lots of votes were cast in order to determine this. So if you want to consider making a trip to any place, or try to spend some of your time once you’re free or in a holiday, you have to consider the top 10 European cities for your adequate relaxation.

List of the Top 10 European Cities

We have detailed for you in this site list of the top 10 European cities to choose from any time you want to go for a tour or make a visit. We’re going to list this starting from the least ranked.

10th Bohinj (Slovenia)Nice View of the Bohinj City, Slovenia.

Bohinj occupies the no.10 spot as one of the best places in Europe this year. It is a place that has wonderful forest reserves, beautiful lakes, and interesting outdoor activities. If by any means you’re thinking of going for a tour to a place that is environmental-friendly, then you have to think of visiting Bohinj for your wonderful tour. You also stand the chance to enjoy a very cool and quiet atmosphere once you’re there. Not only about the atmospheric condition of the place, but also the interesting Wildflowers festival which is commonly practised there.

9th Lisbon (Portugal)Beautiful Lisbon Environment

Lisbon, which is the capital of Portugal, is quite popularly known by most of us. It’s a place where many people are being welcomed to stay free. This is a place where you’ll see beautiful castles, beaches, medieval villages, landscapes, sumptuous monuments, and wonderful cities. No doubt the reason why the Portuguese capital was considered as the no.1 best destination in Europe for the year 2010.  There are also interesting tourist jewels like Estoril, Sintra, and the Cascais. So if you want to enjoy your holiday activities, this place is just the right deal for you.

8th Budapest (Hungary)Exquisite Bridge of Budapest

Not most of us fancy Budapest to make this top list because it’s not that popular just like Lisbon. If you want to book a destination for your honeymoon, you have to try out Budapest. You stand the chance to visit interesting places like the museums, and cool shopping areas. One other interesting thing about this place is that it possesses monumental structures, parks, and lots of bars for your assorted drinks. So consider making arrangements to book your flight down to Budapest.

7th Athens (Greece)Athens Best Tourist Site

One of the traditional places you can ever think of with lots of ancient memories on deck. Athens is quite an interesting city which is rooted in philosophical history. One thing about this city is the architectural experience which you tend to like. Once you tour on this city, you can also decide to visit the outstanding museum and so to see other interesting views.

6th Milan (Italy)Milan Wonderful Night View

This is another interesting and popular place worldwide to consider travelling to.  You can be able to most of the beautiful parks ever seen. Go to the Vittorio Emanuele II shopping gallery and engage yourself in the shopping activities of any kind. If you still like you can just go and have your drink at the Navigli store to calm your head after your day. You can still visit the La Scala Theater and the famous Sansiro International Stadium.

5th Riga (Latvia)Perfect View of Riga City, Latvia.

The country Latvia is not so popular and equally has a little population. But when you come to the capital city Riga, you definitely have a reason to fall in love with the atmosphere and culture of the people in the country. Here, you can see the beautiful work of nature when you have to look that their dazzling water and forest reserves. Not only that, the city equally possesses amazing beaches, nice islands, and hills which makes it a befitting and perfect place for relaxation. So, always have Riga in mind once you want to make a trip to spend time for your holiday.

4th Hvar City (Croatia)

Nice Shot of Hvar City, Croatia.


Hvar is another city that racked up some votes to come into the top four. When you mention famous Croatian cities like Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, etc, then Hvar should always come to your mind because it’s quite a fun place to be. It has quite an outstanding islands coupled with fact that you can also see landscapes, treasure sculptures like the Fortress of Hvar and the Franciscan Monastery, and to round it up the culture of the people is something you’ll admire. Due to the fact that the flight is not quite expensive is the main reason you have to consider visiting Hvar and spend some time there.

3rd Colmar (France)Colmar Lovely Environment

Probably not the name you might be expecting from France but believe me when I tell you that it definitely made the list from the vote casted. Colmar is quite an interesting place for two love-birds to visit. You’ll have the chance to visit the Petite Venise, and the Quai des Poissoniers. It’s not only about the beauty of the city, but also the architectural structures you’ll see will make you love the city’s set up. There’s also museums like; the Toy, the Unterlinden, and the Bartholdi museums. So you have reasons to trust your visit in Colmar.

2nd Bilbao (Spain)Exquisite Cross-over Bridge of Bilbao City

The city of Bilbao in Spain still is in the top ten lists and has moved up to the second spot compared to last year. The city has a very nice atmosphere which makes it conducive for everyone. Here, you see some interesting places like the historic alleys of the Casco Viejo and equally some interesting museums like the Guggenheim Museum, and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. There are also fine landscapes like the Rioja Wine Region and also some other tourist centers. Bilbao is such an exquisite place as of evidence from 2015 and 2017 and it still maintained its stand to be ranked amongst the top ten.

1st Wroclaw (Poland)Exquisite View of the Wroclaw City

And now our outstanding city and best destination amongst the top 10 European cities for this year 2018 goes to Wroclaw! Wroclaw is the capital city of Poland, and otherwise labeled as the Polish Venice with over 120 bridges which links you to about 12 islands coupled with the Cathedral Island. It has interesting markets like the Rynek, Salt Market Square, the Flower Market, and the Covered Market. With the Piwnica Swidnicka Restaurant, which is considered as one of the oldest restaurants in world, you’ll definitely fancy to branch there and have your meal. Not only that, you would not visit Wroclaw without having scrolling to see the oldest part of the city which is located in Ostrow Tumski.


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