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Hello! it’s nice having you around on this page;  now we will be teaching you the steps to 2go register new account, that is; how to create a new 2go account. Here is all you need to learn about 2go.

2go is a social networking app that is known all over the world, it is one of the oldest social networking app and almost have the same features with Imo, WhatsApp, Kik and Wechat. The first 2go user appreciated it’s easiness in getting people to chat non-stop.

When 2go was started, it had millions of people signed up to it and it was all fun, now it’s older and more interesting. So, If you used 2go before, and you did enjoyed it, then you can imagine how interesting it is now. You need to see more unique features that are added to it now,there are so many of them and we will be briefing you with few of them:

Features of 2go

2go  Chat Room : 2go chat room is the place where you chat with your friends and your contacts. In this room, whatever you say or type will be seen by everyone; You can make friends also in this room because the friends of your friends are also in this chat room.

2go Chat Group:  The chat group is a group which you created, every 2go user has the right to create a group of his/her own. This feature is more or less like that of whatsapp, now the group initiator is the one that has total right to control the settings of the group.

2go Profile:  2go profile houses your personal data, which includes: your 2go username, profile picture, gender , birthdate and other settings. This section can only be controlled and be used by you.

2go Games:  2go has gotten a lot better, unlike before, 2go now has numerous irresistible games which can keep you busy when tired of chatting. You can play games for free.

2Go Register New Account

Now, before you can have access to the listed features above; before you can join 2go, you must create an account and creating account requires that you download app and register your data on 2go website.

2go Registration Portal | How to Sign up 2go

We will show you how to sign up 2go account now:

  1. log on to m.2go.im from your mobile device
  2. download the app for free on your device
  3. locate the downloaded app on your phone and click to open
  4. select your country and enter your mobile phone number
  5. allow 2go send you a verification code and then verify your account with the code
  6. 2go will automatically import your contact into your account and then after you will be seeing all your contacts who are on 2go
  7. upload your profile pictures, set up your 2go account and start chatting.

Note: 2go can be used on mobile phones and on PC, but you can not download 2go straight on PC, you can only download on mobile phone and then connect your PC to your account.

More so. After your 2go account sign up, you will be able to share pictures, contacts, location with your friends, You can also be able to download latest music, videos and gallery for free.

So now, i believe with these steps, you can now download 2go and even teach others how to.


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