5 Best Call Recording Apps for iOS iPhone

Call Recording Apps – If you are using iPhone Smartphone, then you should know by now that there is no inbuilt call recording feature. There’s no built-in way to record phone calls using your iPhone.

This is totally unlike Android Smartphones, and most of the featured mobile phones available outside there. Apple just made it difficult to records calls.

But call recording on iPhone is now a thing of the past, whereby, all thanks to the series of Apple‘s iOS iPhone app, which allows you to easily record your calls.

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Best Call Recording Apps for iOS iPhone

To help you find an appropriate application, we’ve scoured the internet in search of the best call recorders and offered up a quick overview of our favorites in the paragraphs below.

1. Call Recorder for iPhone

This is one of our reviewed Best Call Recording Apps for iOS iPhone, Call Recorder for iPhone is another app that works great when recording your incoming and outgoing calls.

  • The app gives you high-quality recordings, with clear voices from both sides of conversations.
  • The app uses a conference call system to record your calls. However, you do need to call a person from inside the app to record the calls.
  • Once you call a person using the app, you will have to wait for a few seconds until the merge calls option is ready to be enabled.
  • Once it’s available, you can just tap on the merge calls button and the call will be recorded.
  • The app gives you a clear visual cue by showing the recording time so that you know that the call is, in fact, being recorded.

6. CallRec Lite

That said, the service is a little pricier at $7.99/month. However, if you decide to pay for a year, it will only cost you $4.16/month.

Download: Call Recorder for iPhone (Free trial, $7.99/month)

2. CallRec Lite

Just like Call Recorder Unlimited is eerily similar to TapeACall Pro, CallRec Lite is extremely similar to Call Recorder Lite.


  • It has all the similar features, including 3-way merge call recording, the ability to upload calls to cloud storages including Google Drive and Dropbox, and multiple sharing options such as emails and social media channels. However, what makes the similarity scream is its pricing strategy.
  • The app’s free version lets you record unlimited calls but only lets you listen to the first 60-seconds of recorded call.
  • You need to buy the pro version if you want to listen to the whole call.
  • Instead of charging $9.99 for the pro version, it charges you $8.99.
  • It only supports a handful of countries including and not limited to Argentina, Australia, Canada, US, Chile, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, and Poland.

Download: CallRec Lite (Free, pro upgrade for $8.99)

3. ipadio

iPadio is a nifty free app which not only lets you record calls but any other audio too. When you make an account on ipadio, an online account at ipadio.com will also be created for you.

Once you want to record your calls, you will need to first call one of ipadio’s local numbers and enter your unique PIN. You can then add a call and merge the two, meaning both sides of the conversation will be recorded and the audio will automatically appear in your online account.

9. iPadio

You can visit your online account to download and share your recorded calls. The app is a little bit harder to use and may fail to work sometimes, but on the flip side, it’s totally free.

Download: ipadio (Free)

4. Call Recorder-IntCall

This is one of our reviewed Best Call Recording Apps for iOS iPhone, IntCall is a fully-featured call recorder for your iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can make and record both national and international calls.

You will be able to play your recorded calls and even share them with your friends via email and WhatsApp.

Call Recorder - IntCall iPhone App Screenshot

To ensure your recorded calls are easily accessible, you can set a title to each recording. Furthermore, the app lets you sync your data with Dropbox and Google Drive so that it remains safe and accessible across all of your devices.

Download: Call Recorder-IntCall (Price Free)

5. Best Call Recorder

Best Call Recorder provides high-quality recordings. You don’t have any limitation on the length and amount of recording. You can comfortably record both incoming and outgoing calls.

Best Call Recorder iPhone App Screenshot


As soon as you hang up the call, recordings are available. It supports both national and international calls. There are several mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pocket through which you can share your recordings.

DownloadBest Call Recorder Price: $7.99.

We have listed the 5 Best Call Recording Apps which can help you in recording voice calls on your iPhone. Although most of the services are pricey, they will come in really handy when the need actually arrives.

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