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If you are in U.S or about traveling to U.S then you may have realized or known that there are about 97 taxes you may pay from time to time, there is a must pay taxes in USA and there are other taxes or taxes by properties; you can find out clearly on this page which is which to avoid loosing your property or sleeping at the police cell.

A tax is defined as  a compulsory contribution charged by government and paid by individuals to the government, the individuals who pay taxes are usually workers, business men and women and then the general individuals. The individuals pay taxes sometimes by the goods they consume, taxes are added to some goods, services and transactions.

The U.S citizens may be the number one country that pays the highest number of tax, record has it that above 90 taxes are identified that are charged by the government to the individuals, although not everyone in U.S pays all taxes and no individuals pays all the 97 taxes, but somehow you will have to pay a number or two of them.

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List of USA Taxes

  • Biodiesel Fuel Taxes
  • Building Permit Taxes
  • Air Transportation Taxes
  • Business Registration Fees
  • Capital Gains Taxes
  • Cigarette Taxes
  • Court Fines
  • Disposal Fees
  • Dog License Taxes
  • Drivers License Fees
  • Employer Health Insurance Mandate Tax
  • Employer Medicare Taxes
  • Employer Social Security Taxes
  • Environmental Fees
  • Estate Taxes
  • Excise Taxes On Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
  • Federal Corporate Taxes
  • Property Taxes
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Recreational Vehicle Taxes
  • Registration Fees For New Businesses
  • Toll Booth Taxes
  • Sales Taxes
  • Self-Employment Taxes
  • Sewer & Water Taxes
  • School Taxes
  • Septic Permit Taxes
  • Water Rights Fees
  • Watercraft Registration & Licensing Fees
  • Well Permit Fees
  • Service Charge Taxes
  • Social Security Taxes

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  • Telephone Federal Excise Taxes
  • Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Taxes
  • Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Taxes
  • Special Assessments For Road Repairs Or Construction
  • Sports Stadium Taxes
  • State Corporate Taxes
  • State Income Taxes
  • State Park Entrance Fees
  • State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA)
  • Tanning Taxes
  • Telephone 911 Service Taxes
  • Telephone State And Local Taxes
  • Telephone Universal Access Taxes
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Tire Recycling Fees
  • Tire Taxes
  • Tolls
  • Traffic Fines
  • Use Taxes
  • 90 Utility Taxes
  • Vehicle Registration Taxes
  • Professional Licenses And Fees
  • Federal Unemployment Taxes

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  • Fishing License Taxes
  • Flush Taxes
  • Food And Beverage License Fees
  • Franchise Business Taxes
  • Garbage Taxes
  • Waste Management Taxes
  • Workers Compensation Taxe
  • Federal Income Taxes
  • Gasoline Taxes
  • Gift Taxes
  • Gun Ownership Permits
  • Hazardous Material Disposal Fees
  • Import Taxes
  • Individual Health Insurance Mandate Taxes
  • Marriage License Taxes
  • Medicare Taxes
  • Inheritance Taxes
  • Insect Control Hazardous Materials Licenses
  • Inspection Fees
  • Insurance Premium Taxes
  • Interstate User Diesel Fuel Taxes
  • Highway Access Fees
  • Hotel Taxes
  • Hunting License Taxes
  • Inventory Taxes
  • IRA Early Withdrawal Taxes
  • Parking Meters
  • Library Taxes
  • License Plate Fees
  • IRS Interest Charges
  • IRS Penalties
  • Liquor Taxes
  • Local Corporate Taxes
  • Local Income Taxes
  • Local School Taxes
  • Local Unemployment Taxes
  • Luxury Taxes
  • Passport Fees
  • Medicare Tax Surcharge On High Earning Americans Under Obamacare

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A Must Pay Taxes in USA

It’s not all tax listed above that are paid by the individual, but a good number of them are paid by the individuals, but a must pay tax in usa are some that affects you as an individuals, organization etc, so when you are in the system you will know the ones that concerns you and negligence to this may attract a certain punishment.

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