About the BarclayCard – Card Application Process, Features & Benefits

Have you ever thought of getting your first credit card? Or even willing to switch by trying another dimensional credit card? It’s not a big deal giving the fact that the award-winning Barclaycard is the ideal card just for you. All you need to know About the Barclaycard is just right here for.

Being a multinational credit card, it has been designed for people with limited credit history or no credit history. That is why it is considered as one of Europe’s top credit card issuers with over ten million customers in the UK. It provides countless terminals for around 50,000 outlets in the UK. Now read furthermore prior to things you need to know About the Barclaycard.

More About the Barclaycard and How to Process it

Before you go ahead, make sure you’ve read and understood the summary box and balance transfer terms and conditions. Then you have to check if you’re eligible to process the application. Read below and see most things you need to know about the Initial credit card.

Card Features & Benefits

  • ⇒ With your Barclaycard, you are allowed to guarantee cheques, but issuing of cheque guarantee cards is not allowed.
  • ⇒ There will always be free text and email alerts to help you stay on track.
  • ⇒ A free Mobile app which will enable you to manage your account frequently.
  • ⇒ Contactless payments, exclusive entertainment perks and emergency help when you need it the most.

Customer’s Eligibility

  • ⇒ Incoming customer must be  over  18 years and above
  • ⇒ You must be able to earn over £3,000 per annum
  • ⇒ You must be employed
  • ⇒  Haven’t witnessed any form of bankruptcy for the past six years – including having an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or Debt Relief Order
  • ⇒ Do not have more than one County Court Judgment
  • ⇒ Must have lived at your current address for at least three months
  • ⇒ Haven’t recently missed a bill payment

Requirements for Application.

So, therefore, the things needed for your application are listed below:

  • ⇒ Your address details for the last two years
  • ⇒ Phone number and e-mail address
  • ⇒ Current employment details
  • ⇒ Details of your annual income
  • ⇒ Main bank account and account number
  • ⇒ Details of any credit cards that you’d like to transfer a balance from

Note: Balance transfers from debit cards or from existing Barclaycard credit cards cannot be accepted. So you have up to 60 days from when you open your account to transfer your balance.

 If you decide to apply, please make sure you read part one of your application carefully. It tells you what you need to do to keep your 0% rate and what happens when your 0% offer ends.

Barclaycard offer

  • ⇒ Your  starting credit limit must be between £150 and £1,200
  • ⇒ It has 0% interest on purchases for three months from the date you open your account
  • ⇒ Free ongoing access to your Experian Credit Score (conditions apply)
  • ⇒ Your interest rate tends to be reduced within 12 months of account opening, only when you make your minimum payments on time and stay within your credit limit.

Note: Remember your interest rate will move in line with the Bank of England base rate, so your rate might change before we reduce it. To learn more visit barclaycard.co.uk/understanding-interest.
This offer is only available for new customers and Barclaycard reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Terms and conditions apply and a Barclaycard is subject to application and status.

Build Your Credit Rating

This card could help you improve your credit rating over time once you do the following:

  • ⇒ Always make your payments on time
  • ⇒ pay at least the minimum amount due every month
  • ⇒ stay within your credit limit

However, your credit rating could be harmed if you don’t manage your Barclaycard sensibly.  Understanding how fees and promotional rates work can help you to manage your account

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