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Every day Whatsapp comes with new and interesting updates. It is no doubt considered as a popular communication app that helps users to send and receive messages as quickly as possible. One interesting thing about this app is that it continues to advance more and more. And now, you can be able to even use the app with free roaming around the world. This is thanks to the new WhatSim chip been produced by the social platform.

With this new WhatSim chip, it is quite easier for you to send messages, transfer files, or even chat with friends without an active data for a free annual year to talk more of any Wi-Fi connection. This new development is as a result of different Sim cards used by different countries across the world and is supported by about 400 service providers across 150 countries.

So, therefore, if you own this Sim card, you surely don’t need to purchase another country’s Sim card and requesting for an additional data plan for your Whatsapp access even if you migrated there. All depends whether the country you’re in supports the use of this Sim card. Example of countries with access to this service is; UK, US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. So this site has prepared for you what you need to know about the new WhatSim chip.

How the New WhatSim Chip Works

There are some certain things you need to know that will help you use the WhatSim more effectively.

  1. Before you can be able to use this phone, you need to first insert it into your phone.
  2. Then after that, you’ll receive a signal from the country you’re migrating to in order to connect to your Whatsapp without internet service.
  3. With just about 10 euro only, you can then chat with your friends and loved ones over a given annual year. But one thing you need to be aware of is the fact that there is no fixed cost or even any monthly fee pertaining to the available service.
  4. For you to be able to send media files to a friend via Whatsapp, you’ll be required to fund 5 euro in order to get up to 1000 credits. Whereas 50 euro gives you 10,000 credits.

Note: For more update on this WhatSim, you just have to follow the official website @ www.whatsim.com/en/coverage

And again should there be any case where you want to purchase your own WhatSim, you just have to go to the site’s service and click on the link>>>www.whatsim.com/en/buy-now.


WhatSim Alternative

Just like the breakthrough of WhatSim was witnessed, there are other Sim card chips which you can use via your Whatsapp thereby serving as an Alternative. One of which is the ChatSim.

With ChatSim, you can be able to send messages to your family and friends anywhere in the world. One unique thing about this chip is that not only does it support Whatsapp app, but also other apps like BBM, KaKao, and Line, etc. Just like the WhatSim, the payment for this Sim card is due annually and you’re sure to have sustainable quality network coverage across the world.


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