AliPay Account Registration Site – Login Page Here

AliPay is a part of Alibaba services which provides shoppers with a fast, easy and safe online payments as you purchase items on or

We have created the post for clarification purposes to show how to sign up new Alipay account right away, using the steps below.

Steps to Sign Up AliPay Account 

In the scenario where you already have Aliexpress account, then you don’t have to sign up for a separate account.

  1. Login your account from
  2. Click your Profile account menu and click on “My AliPay”Alipay access image
  3. On clicking the above “My Alipay” it opens a new page of Official AliPay >>
  4. Then click on “Go to My AliPay”. This should open a sign up for you to login and of course, you have to use your login ID (email and password) to also login here.
  5. Then the AliPay Account Registration page opens, though your email address must have been inputted. SO you just have to complete the other part of the form.AliPay edit
    Enter the Code as displayed. It means you are human (not a robot) accessing their page. Then click on “Send Confirmation email” button.
  6. You should see a notification saying an email has been sent to you. So, Login to that email account you used.AliPay email confirmation

    You still have the opportunity to apply for another re-send of the confirmation code if in case the sent one didn’t arrive.

  7. The main application form open. Make sure completing it by providing all needed to finish your AliPay Account Registration.AliPay 4
    Make sure following the password requirement, as you will not be allowed to enter words or repeated numbers like 888888 or 123456. The best pattern is mixing your numbering for the password. But always make sure its a mixed number you remember at all time.

    Then for the security questions, you will be selecting up to 3-different questions from the drop-down menu and give answers each for any question you select.

    Kindly take the part serious as it’s the security part of your account.

  8. Now you have successfully completed the AliPay Account Registration sign up process.AliPay 5

You should click the “Go to My AliPay” button to access your account right away.

And that is all.



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