Updated Android Emulators for Windows PC – Faster Than some Smartphones

If you have been wondering how you could use an android applications right on your Windows PC then you’ve landed on the right page because we have listed “Android Emulators for Windows PC” right here.

This is important if you are the kind of person always busying with your PC, no too much concentration for your Phone (like me) or you are a gamer and what want experience the real felling of digital game with 3D display then you need the Android Emulators installed into your Windows PC.

For the seek of those hearing this “Android Emulators App” for the first time, it simply means an app develop for Windows to function extactly the way your Android does.

In other words, it an app developed for Windows to have same Android user interface (UI) and partly features. I said Partly because as the Emulator Applications differs so some features may be having limitations.

Some of this apps are completely free, some are freemium, while some are completely premium to start using from the start.

Thus, some are also better for gaming then the others, while some better for developer use then the other as well.

List of Best Android Emulators To Experience Android On Your PC

  • NoxPlayer

  • BlueStacks4

  • Genymotion

  • Andy

Just in case you don’t know, some of this Application have been shut down or no longer supported yet can still be downloaded and used as emulators for Android. Those like;

  • Remix OS
  • Leapdroid


If for the purpose of rocking Android games that you want to download Android Emulators for Windows PC then go for NoxPlayer – to experience and enjoy full graphics and functionalities.

Many still prefers BlueStacks to it just that when it comes to gaming then then NoxPlayer shouldn’t be compares with.

Unlike others, NoxPlayer is absolutely 100% free to use. And you can download same application to run android on your Mac PC also. 

Some Flaws in NoxPlayer Emulator

  • Runs only Android 4.4.2 Kernel version, which makes it look outdated. Though still works fine

BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks4 Page

In the industry of Emulator, BlueStack4 is one of the oldest yet strongest among all in the filed of Emulator Application. Now it has come up with “BlueStack 4” new update with an aim to deliver speed.

BuleStacks4 is good for gamers and also for developers. It has both the free and premium version/plan. Only difference between both is that Ad displays on the free version. SO if you want to remove ads you have to upgrade. 
The premium version is entirely ad free and costs around $24.

Its easy to use and doesn’t require any spacial knownledg before using it.

Some Flaws in Bluestacks Emulator

  • There are some games you can’t play on it.
  • Requires High upgraded PC so that it doesn’t slow
  • Can crash some things


GenyMotion Page
screenshot from GenyMotion Page

GenyMotion is another good Android Emulator, but not free. It offer both a cloud and desktop application emulator version.

The GenyMotion android emulator is best used by developers for testing their apps on web, desktop and so on. I have listed it here because it’s also an Emulator of Android. 

Some Flaws in GenyMotion Emulator

  • All time premium and Every expensive
  • Majorly targets developers for test runing apps


Screen capture from Andy Page
Screen capture from Andy Page

Andy is also known as Andyroid, is another good emulator few people have used. It’s best known for gamers. 

But is also comes along with Google Play store to download other apps like Skype, Whatsapp, 2go, all kinds of app that your Android phone would use.

When you log in to their official website may not entice you, you may even think if they actually call provide the equality service you desired. Though, Top emulators like Bluestack 4 and NoxPlayer has been over-crowed that this may be your first time hearing of Andy emulator.

Andy is a very service you can use. So try and see how it works. Log on to the official website to download the app for free – www.andyroid.net

Some Flaws in Andy Emulator

  • The truth is that I haven’t used Andy to see what flaws to discover.

Please note that their are still lots of Android emulator applications for PC out there, but I’ve only listed does booming and well known with good record. 

Feel free to use the comment box below for further contributions and questions.

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