Best Gmail Alternatives For You and Your Business

Best Gmail Alternatives – You may have had this thoughts that Gmail is the best mailing platform for you only because you don’t know about the other Mailing platforms or because you are underestimating their usefulness.

Emails play a large role in our work life. They transformed and evolved long range communication into something that can be done in seconds.

Today the amount of information we are sending and receiving through our emails can be overwhelming.

Gmail has been around for quite some time and since then it has been one of the most used email services. It has got a lot of updates since its release and eventually its interface became more simplified and user friendly, which brought some changes.

A lot of people love it and of course, there are people who can’t stand it, hence the need to check out for a hundred Gmail Alternatives out there.

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Best Gmail Alternatives

Below we have taken our time to compile the best Best Gmail Alternatives for You and also for your business as the case maybe where you want to make use of it.

1. Zoho Mail

Zoho is an amazing email service that mixes a clean and ad-free interface with powerful features, making it useful for personal as well as professional purposes. Zoho provides secure and ad-free email hosting in both free and paid versions.

There is 20MB email attachment limit and only single domain hosting. Paid plans come in three types – Standard, Pro, and Enterprise – with the Enterprise edition being the most feature-rich. Zoho supports IMAP and POP and can work on all mobile devices.

The best thing about Yahoo! Mail is the 1 TB of storage space that it offers with each Email account. That is an enormous storage space and Yahoo! is offering it for free with every Yahoo! Mail account.

The recent introduction of Paperless Post gave rise to Yahoo! Mail’s Stationery, that lets you send beautiful personalized Emails to the people you care about.

Key Features: Abundant storage space, Bigger file attachment size, Personalization, Tabs for Multitasking, seamless integration with Contacts/Calendar/Flickr and more.

Platforms Available: Webclient, Android and iOS mobile applications.

Custom Email for Businesses:  $34.95 per yr (1 custom email address); $9.95 per month (unlimited email addresses).

3. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is the granddad of free email services. It went live in March 1993, making it three years older than Hotmail, four years older than Yahoo Mail, and almost ten years older than Gmail.

aol mail homescreen

Because of its age, it has a huge user base. Nevertheless, the numbers have been decreasing in recent years. In 2006, it had 50 million active monthly users, and as recently as 2010 it was the third-largest email provider in the world. Today, the number of active users is down to 25 million.

Key Features: Chat on Instant Messenger, Events, To-do’s, Text messaging, choice of Email address domains, Spam and Virus control and more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

4. iCloud

iCloud represents Apple’s venture into free email. Most Mac, iPad, and iPhone users have an account. iCloud itself is a holistic cloud service. It underpins other Apple services such as Find My iPhone, Photo Stream, Keychain, and iCloud Drive. Mail is just one facet of the app.

icloud login

The app boasts 720 million users, but it’s not clear how many of them are using an email address.

iCloud integrates seamlessly with the default Apple mail client on both Mac and iOS. On mobile, you can add any number of email providers to the app. On the web client, you can only access your address.

All iCloud users get 5 GB of storage for free. In addition to documents, photos, and other data, any emails you receive count against the limit. As such, you might need to pay for more storage if iCloud is your provider of choice.

5. Yandex

With a great interface and feature-rich application, Yandex is another great alternative to Gmail. It offers unlimited storage along with POP and IMAP so you can install it on your mobile device.

Yandex Mail

It’s free and is accessible through a secure SSL/TLS connection.There are keyboard shortcuts for easier functioning and you can schedule messages to be sent later. You can attach up to 30MB with an email. It also comes with a document viewer that lets you open files in the mail.

There are lots more of these Best Gmail Alternatives but these are the best we have recommended so far and we assure you that these are good for both your business and your personal use too.

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