Best Travel Apps to Download for your Trip

The best travel apps help us out in various ways towards our travel. The most important is the information they tend to render to us during our travelling moment. Getting notifications on your phone soon after the fact can help keep your trip free of stress as you decide to take a break until it clears. So if you’re ever planning on making a trip, you probably need the guidance of these best travel apps to put you through.

These best travel apps help you towards searching and booking for flights, hotels, and car rentals, and sometimes packaged vacations and cruises. So in this list of the best travel apps, you don’t need to start stressing yourself wondering how to start searching for top sites that have information about your travel destination. With just one tap on your app, you’ll be switched to the global information. Read further below as this site has prepared for you list of the best travel apps.

List of the Best Travel Apps

Here are the best travel apps listed for you below.


Waze is a free community-driven app for traffic and road conditions. It’s popular among taxi and car service drivers, but equally useful for everyday drivers. Waze for instance, tells you the location of police traps and potholes. Although, the app demands your GPS information every time it wants to perform its action.

Download Waze for Play Store >>>[email protected] SStore

Download for iTunes >>> Waze on iTunes

Download for Windows 10 >>>Waze on Windows 10

Windows Softonic >>> For Windows phone


GasBuddy app is a travel app that helps you find gas by location and price. Not only that, the app equally notifies you of the amount you need to budget for refilling your gas tank. This app is available in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Download for Play Store >>> GasBuddy Play Store link

Download for iTunes >>> GasBuddy iTunes link

Windows Microsoft Download >>> GasBuddy MS Windows

Download for Windows Softonic >>>


Uber now operates around the world, making it amongst the world’s leading travelling car business in the world. This ride-on-demand app eliminates the need to carry local currency, speak the same language as your driver, and equally know the local customs. You don’t need to worry because the app charges your credit card the right amount so there’s no need for you to be bothering about taxi scams.

Click here and download the app on Google Play Store >>> Uber travelling app

For iTunes download, click here >>> Uber on Apple iTunes

For Windows, click here >>> Uber for Windows download


Snapseed is a free and the easiest photo editing app that makes things look vibrant and rich. If it’s on our Instagram page, chances are that it was lovingly tweaked using the pre-made settings or intuitive tools.

Download app on Play Store >>> Snapseed app

Download for Windows PC >>> Snapseed app

iTunes Download >>>


TripIt app helps you out with notifications relating to reservations, flight changes, departure, and arrival gates upon your travel. The app equally alerts automatically you if an airline owes you money for a cancellation or delay. Not only that, it also gives you updates on airport security, and equally offers interactive airport maps, to enable you to have a knowledge of your destination.

Download on Apple iTunes >>> TripIt Pro for iTunes

Download on Google Play Store >>>TripIt on Play Store


Hopper helps to research flight prices and also gives you updates on whether you should purchase a ticket at the very moment or not. It doesn’t just tell you to wait to buy your ticket, but it also updates you on a date when the price will likely increase. The app also offers to help you book your ticket, too, with a commission fee.

Download Hopper on Play Store >>> Hopper on Play Store

Download for iTunes >>> iTunes download

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a geo-location app, which practically notifies you about where you are at the very moment. Not only that, you can also use it to research what the weather will be like around the world. While Dark Sky can sometimes make weather mistakes, it still remains the best for predicting the weather for the hour.

Download for Play Store >>> Dark Sky Play Store

Download for iTunes >>>iTunes download

Google Translate

Google translate helps you to instantly translate any language with just a snap of a picture. One major attribute of this app is that in any country you see yourself; the app can listen to someone in the foreign language, detect the language and instantly translate it into your native tongue, thereby making you comfortable without any language barrier.

Download on Play Store >>> Google translate on Play Store

Apple iTunes download >>> Google Translate on iTunes

Windows download >>> Google translate Windows download


One unique attributes of Flio app is the fact that it helps to gives you detail information about airports, such as services offered, Wi-Fi networks, available lounges, transit options, and advice on where to eat.

Download Play Store >>> Flio for Play Store

Download for iTunes >>> Flio for iTunes

Hotel Tonight

If you’re eve bothered about booking your hotel room, then Hotel Tonight is just the perfect app for you. This travel app specializes in selling off hotel reservations, often at steep discounts and also to schedule advance bookings.

Download for Play Store >>> Hotel Tonight @Play Store

iTunes download >>> Hotel Tonight iTunes link

Download for Windows 8+Computer  >>> Windows 8 link

Download for Windows Phone >>> Windows Phone download


With Roadtrippers app, your journey will be properly planned for you, starting from your location and destination, dates of travel, and what kinds of things you’re interested in finding along the way. Roadtrippers can also find interesting restaurants, museums, amusement parks, campsites, and more. When you find a site you like, just add it to your trip, and Roadtrippers will redraw your travel map accordingly.

Download for Play Store >>> Play store service link

Download for iTunes >>> Roadtrippers/iTunes

Roomer Travel

What to do when you’ve prepaid for a hotel room and your trip gets cancelled? Download Roomer. This app helps people sell prepaid reservations to others who can use them, usually at a lower cost. It can help you recoup money that might otherwise be lost to the travel gods, or save money when you take over a reservation that someone else can no longer use at a discounted rate.

Download app on Play Store here >>> Roomer travel on Play Store

Download app for iTunes >>> iTunes download @ Roomer travel

TV Food Maps

This TV Food Maps app and website helps you to find restaurants and eateries that have appeared on various television food shows, such as Bizarre Foods American, and others. The fact still remains that you can get something out of this app other than highway fast food in the end.

Download app on Play Store >>> TV Food MapsDownload

Download for iTunes >>>


TimeOut is one of the top resources for finding the best coffee, fine dining, cheap eats or best bars in almost any city in the world. Having an access to this app enables you to stand the chance of venturing into a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or even a club.

Download for Play Store >>> com.timeout.ui&hl=en

Download on Windows Microsoft Store >>>

Download on Mac >>>


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