Computer Doesn’t Recognize your Android Device | How to Fix it

In as much as the fact that you can connect your Android phone easily to a computer, devices don’t guarantee that issues will not arise with the connectivity. This user access is quite important because it helps you transfer files to-and-fro computer/Android devices. Even as much, it has even been used to connect both devices with the use of a USB cable. But should there be any reason why your computer doesn’t recognize your Android phone; there are ways to fix the problem properly.

Having USB cable enabled from computer to Android devices is quite the direct and straightforward procedure to enhance connectivity between both devices. But at times the connection will hit a stumbling block thereby stating a prompt that “Computer doesn’t recognize your Android device”. This can be very frustrating giving the fact that you need to transfer important files to the PC at the very instant. So, therefore, this site has prepared for you guideline on how to fix the problem when a computer doesn’t recognize your Android device.

How do you Fix the Problem When a Computer Doesn’t Recognize your Android?

There are about six vital tips provided for you in order to solve the issue. So read further below and see how it’s done.

Change USB Port or Cable

One major reason why the computer doesn’t recognize your Android phone is due to the fact that the port the USB cable is been inserted is working on the device, or probably that the cable is used doesn’t work on both entirely. Sometimes, when this the computer USB port detect your Phone, you’ll have switched to another port to see if it’ll work. And also, you have to bear in mind that not all USB cables are compatible with your Phone and PC. So if you want to make a purchase on any cable, you have to first of all test it by connecting your Phone and computer to still if it’s recognizable or matched.

Turn on USB Debugging on Android

This is the first thing you normally do if you want to drive a connection between both devices. So once your Android device connected to your computer, you need to properly check and see that the debugging is turned on. In order to do this, you have to go to the Phone’s Settings > go to the Applications > click on “Development” > then check ”USB debugging”.

Connect Phone as Media Device

Whenever you connect your Phone to your Android device, the options you’ll see; Connect as Media Device Transfer (MTP), as Camera (PTP), and as USB Storage, and as Charge Only, as the case may be. You need to make sure that you enable that of Media Device if you want your device to be discovered quickly for file transfer. In order to do this, connect your USB cable to your Android device and then tap on the “Media Device” connectivity option.

Check Android USB Driver on the Computer

This is a process where Android USB driver should be installed on the computer in order to let the Android device being recognized by the computer. If it’s not installed, or if it gets corrupted, then it simply means that truly the computer doesn’t recognize your Android phone. So you have to check if there was a problem with Android USB driver. If you want to check the Android USB driver on the computer device, you have to go to “My Computer” > then tap on “Properties” > click “Hardware” > then click on “Device manager”. When you’ve done so, you’ll see an option stated “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”. If there is a yellow mark on it, you’ll then have to download and install the Android USB driver.

Reinstall Android Device Drivers

Should there be any case where the USB driver must have been out of date, then you have to properly reinstall the Android device drivers from the official site. This is because most Android Phones are being released yearly as well as the software. So, therefore, failure to do this will result in your Phone device not been recognized by the computer device. To perform this task, you have to go to “My Computer” > tap on “Property” > click on the properties that appear> Then state that you’ve installed the device driver > Then tap on “Change settings” > click on the prompt that requests you to reinstall the driver > you’ll see another prompt stated “Find the driver automatically or within the PC software” you have to select PC software > Choose the type of device you want, maybe Wire transfer or USB > Once you’ve clicked on it, the USB device will read and also get installed.

Update Android USB Driver

One other option to be considered is to update the Android USB drive. If you want the connection or communication between both the computer and Android devices to work perfectly well, then you have to properly update the USB driver. In order to do this, you have to first of all update the Android operating system (OS) or probably update your computer’s OS. So whenever you see that your USB driver is running the old version, you have to update it to the newest version to let your computer scan your Android phone.

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