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Some certain aspects have led to unknown user gaining access to our computers to our computers without our authorization. One of which has been because of our careless act or inability to know how to shut them down. Through the help of Windows Safe Mode, it has been very simple for one to be able to crack your Windows 7 password.

Windows password is so essential in the senses that it helps protect our personal data. Before you can be able to gain access to the computer, you’ll have to pass through the process of Login password. You can be able to have access to multiple accounts with a variety of passwords, thanks to Windows 7 operation.

Should there be any case where you’ll forget your password; Windows Safe Mode login is just the best possible to help guide you crack your Windows 7 password, which is essential to break the Admin password.

How to Crack Your Windows 7 Password Using the Windows Safe Mode

You are eligible to follow the steps which have been prepared for you in this site depending on if your Windows 7 is built on editions like; Ultimate, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, etc.

Note: Before you can be able to start, this tip is essential to bear in mind: If there is any situation whereby you forgot your Windows 7 login account password, it is quite advisable and important you log in to “Safe Mode” with the Built-in Admin account in order to gain access to input a password in the Admin screen.

Having been clarified in the above Safe Mode Built-in Admin account, you can now, therefore, proceed with the steps below and crack your Windows 7 password.

  1. The first step to take is to start or restart your computer and press “F8”. If the computer finishes booting, you’ll see the Advanced Boot Options on your screen.The Advanced Boot Options Start up
  2. The next step to take is for you to use the arrow keys and highlight the Safe Mode. After that, you then have to press “Enter.” You’ll then notice your computer starting in Safe Mode.Highlight of the Safe Mode
  3. The next thing to do is to click on the “Admin” account, which appears on the Windows screen.The Administrator's Home Screen

Note: Bear it in mind that you don’t need any password in this default account. So, therefore, if you decided to set a Build-in Admin password, you have to enter the password instead of leaving the “Password” field blank. And should there be any case where you forgot your password, it is necessary that you use the Windows Recovery Tool instead.

  1. Your step four is where you’ll have to click on “Start” and then the “Control Panel.”The Start and Control Panel Buttons
  2. Once you’ve entered the control panel, you’ll have to enter “All Control Panel Items”, after which you have to click on “User Accounts”List of All Control Panels and the User Accounts
  3. The next step is where you’ll have to choose the account which you want to reset the password, and then click “Change your password.”How to Reset and Change Your Windows 7 Password
  4. Then input a new password for that account. This password should be a strong one which will be difficult and inaccessible for any external user.How to Create a New Password on Your Windows

Finally, you can now leave the Safe Mode once you log in to your new account.

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