How to Create Email Account

Am very cool teaching guys how to create email account because no stress, no credit required and once you create this account automatically you can access all other Google’s products like Google play store, Youtube, Google Map, Google Photos app and all other products and services.

Gmail account is one of the most powerful online mailing services anyone can use, easy to use interface, same account can be accessed either via mobile phone (through, or Gmail mobile app or computer.

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Also when information and data can be stored in email account this is because there is a free storage for every new and old valid account.

With the Gmail account, one need not bother much on spam mail – reason being that Google Gmail service has a mechanism which helps to filter mail, it recognizes which message is “spam” and which is not. But most time its also important to carefully check the spam messages before deleting the mail permanently.

I believe someone would be asking now how to open new Gmail account and requirements for opening the account. Here it goes below:

Requirements for opening new Gmail account

Noting much is needed if not: your full name, date of birth, location, new Gmail address, phone number, then the last task is proving you are not a robot.

How to Create Email Account

  1. Using either your mobile or PC browser, logon to
  2. Click “Create An Account”
  3. Fill the form (make sure while filling the Gmail registration form that you put in an email and password you will always remember)
  4. enter your phone number and select your location
  5. Click “Next Step”
  6. This page is where you verify your phone number. You can either get the code if you choose to receive an instant call from Google help centre of an SMS. Get the code and fix in the box provided for it.
  7. Then click “Verify”
  8. Agree to Google terms and conditions then click “Create account”
  9. Congratulations! page appears telling you that you have successfully created an account,  and  can login

When you login to your Gmail account via you will be able to:

  • Organize your email account
  • change or customize theme
  • set profile picture
  • Send, receive mail to other mailing services like Yahoo mail, Yandex mail, Yopmail, AOL mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • setup your personal mail signature
  • link other mail accounts (if you have any already)
  • many others.



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