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Instagram is Facebook’s photo and video sharing social networking service developed in October 2010. It’s one app that allows users to upload photos, videos and share to their friends who are connected to them as friends.

Many Instagram users use instagram to market and show off their product for patronage, while some uses Instagram to see the trending wears, musics, videos, information and so many others.

We don’t know why you want to create Instagram account, but it’s a good thing you want to join now; you will make a lot of friends and get a lot of followers too.

Now, we want to show  you how to create instagram account for free and if you would like to learn how to login effectively even without the app then we will also show you.

Features of Instagram

  1. share videos and photos
  2. advertise products and services
  3. learn of new products
  4. follow up celebrities
  5. see trending wears
  6. see also trending and lots more

How to Create Instagram Account

Here is how you sign up instagram account:

  1. log on to
  2. enter your mobile phone number or email address  (if you don’t have an email address and would like to sign up now, you can create email account now)
  3. enter your full name and username
  4. enter a password of your choice and click on sign up
  5. a code will be sent to you via an SMS, collect the code and paste at the space kept for you
  6. click Next to see your Instagram account.

How to Sign up Instagram using Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, then joining Instagram will not be hard for you, lets show you how to do that easily:

  1. go to the portal shown you above
  2. click to sign into Instagram using Facebook
  3. confirm your username and click on Login.

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Login Instagram 

Now, you’ve Signed up Instagram account, you can login with these steps:

  1. open your browser and log on to
  2. enter your username and password
  3. click on sign in.

How to Download Instagram on Android, PC, iPhone

If you are using any of the devices listed above or any other smartphone, then you can download instagram account. Simply visit the apps store, if you are using an android phone, you can get app from the google play store.

Note: Instagram App apk is free, so use any of the apps store serving your phone to download app into your device for free.


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