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Create rediffmail account now to start enjoying all services. Rediffmail is a mailing service provided by and is an Indian company that was founded in the year 1996; it provides news services, information services, shopping and entertainment, web portal, etc. It has it’s headquarters in  Mumbai, and branches in Bangalore, New York and in Delhi.

To join Rediff and start receiving all these services listed above, you must have to create an account.  We will show you how you can create rediffmail account and also how to login effectively.

But then, you can note that your rediffmail account registration is free; just like Yahoo mail and other services. More so,  with rediffmail registration you can access other of their portal and services; so now like GOOGLE ” One Account For All Services”.

Starting with rediff for the first time; you will have to create an account using their portal. You can access their portal with your mobile phone, PC or desktop. Now we like you to make provision of the following then we will proceed after that in creating an account for you:

  1. Get a username or user ID
  2. get a passoword that you can remember
  3. subscribe to data, to have access to the internet
  4. get an alternative email address, you can sign up yahoo mail account  now and it can serve as your alternative email address.

Create Rediffmail Account Now

Haven provided all the that listed above; follow the steps below to proceed to create your account:

  1. log on to their portal at
  2. on their homepage, click on rediff mail
  3. scroll down to select “create a new account”
  4. Start filling the form: enter your full name and insert also your User ID
  5. enter a password and retype in the next column
  6. enter an alternative email account (this is optional)
  7. enter your mobile phone number and select your date of birth
  8. select also, your gender, country and city
  9. click on “create my account”

You’ve signed up a rediffmail account, now you can learn how to login effectively so as to be doing that as often as you want.

Rediffmail Login Account

use these steps always to login to your account:

  1. go to the website shown you above
  2. click on rediff mail
  3. enter your rediffamail address and password and click on sign in.

Wooow! that is it, you’ve created a brand new email account for yourself, you can now let you friends know about it so that they can be sending you mails.


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