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Do you want to get involved with the activities of Yahoo mail? No doubt that this service tends to offer you quick access with towards messaging and other connectivity that can be done using the account. Truth is to be told that this email service also provides you with the chance to do some certain swift communication. Due to the current differences in countries Yahoo mail, which has been developed by the Yahoo mail service, we’re going to show you how you can be able to create your US Yahoo mail account.

Considering the fact that we have steps provided for your US Yahoo mail account set up, It’s not necessarily about signalling a specific country because Yahoo mail is Yahoo mail and the steps don’t differ. The only difference is that the country code you’ll see there will be (+1), which is the official number code of the US. You can still edit it if you’re not staying in the US and thereby insert your own country’s official code number.

Yahoo has some essential features which you may not be aware of.  You might just believe that it only serves as a means to send messages and that’s all. Well, that’s practically not the case because you also have to see trending world news to click on and read on Yahoo mail. Sending of large attachments and files can also be done now with over 1000GB free storage space available for you. Spam activities are also tracked thereby providing assurance to the adequate security of your account. So all you need to know prior to steps to sign up for your US Yahoo mail account has been drafted below for you.

Tips for Your US Yahoo Mail Account

Before you create your account, there are some certain things you need to note. Doing so will guide you via the process without any interruption.

  1. The username you intend to use must not be the one used by another user. Yahoo will always alert you whenever you try to use a username meant for someone.
  2. You’ll get alternative usernames recommended by Yahoo so you won’t be frustrated trying to find a suitable username when it’s already taken by another user.
  3. Your password must be a strong one which is hard to guess and must contain up to 8 letters and above.
  4. Be sure that the mobile number you’re providing is active because a verification code will be sent to it.

Once you’ve already noted these vital tips, you’re surely good to go with your account sign up.

Steps to Create Your US Yahoo Mail Account

Follow the steps below and see how it’s done:

  1. For you to create and gain access to the UK Yahoo mail, you just have to click on this link @
  2. Once the page appears, you have to locate and click on “Sign up.”
  3. A page then appears where you’ll need to fill your information (Name, preferred email address, preferred password, Phone number, DOB, and Gender) after which you’ll click “Continue.” Fourth step: The next page that appears is where you’ll have click on “Text me an account key” in order to verify your Phone number.
  4. When the next page appears, you’ll then have to click on “Verify” by inputting the 5-digit number which is sent to you via the Phone number you’re using to sign up in order to verify your Phone number.
  5. Finally, you’ll then be provided with a page which indicates that your account has been successfully created. Just click “Continue” to get access to your new Yahoo mail homepage.

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