How to Create Whatsapp Account Free – Whatsapp Registration/Sign in

In one way or the other, we’ve heard or probably known about the Whatsapp Messenger App – a wonderful app that lets you connect to family and friends, where you chat and share information with one another including Video call and Audio Calls. And with that, we want to look into how we can create Whatsapp Account free and join the world of simple, secure and reliable messaging.

Creating a Whatsapp account is free and easy like A, B, C, D…With a supported mobile device, a good internet connection and of course your phone number, your WhatsApp account will be up and running.

Whatsapp account creation will lead to you having a username and a password of which will guarantee your access to the platform before you can think of adding friends to chat and share documents with.

What you can Do on Whatsapp

There are a lot of things that can be done on Whatsapp, even with the new additional features, the messaging platform is becoming more interesting.

  • Texts

Freely message your family and friends only with a good internet connection. No Charges

  • Voice and Video Calls

You can use Whatsapp to make calls for free, and when that seems not to be enough, then video call is there to make sure you see your loved one’s face to face, even when they are in another country. All with a good internet connection.

  • Share Photos, Documents and more

Easily share moments that matter, instantly with your loved ones. Send PDFs, Spreadsheets and more

  • Send Voice Messages

Is typing going to take much of your time? Then easily send voice messages.

  • 24hours Status

This allows you to post photos or videos that can be viewed by friends and probably comment on them. It’s called Status – it disappears after 24hours (A cool feature for Whatsapp fun)

Whatsapp is just fun and very secure in the sense that, it’s only those with your contact that you will be able to chat and share with. You can add more contacts if you want.

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How to Create Whatsapp Account Free – Whatsapp Registration

Just as we earlier mentioned, the steps are easy. Below is how you should go about creating your Whatsapp account.

  1. First, you need to Download Whatsapp Messenger from your device store (Note that Most devices came with the messenger). Click Here to Download Whatsapp
  2. After a successful download, Then click open or launch WhatsApp from your home screen
  3. Then tap on Agree & Continue to agree with Whatsapp terms of service and privacy PolicyWhatsApp Login
  4. Next, confirm your country code and enter your phone number (the number will be used to verify your account)
  5. Then click OK on the screen
  6. On the next page, you will get a message that reads “Waiting to automatically detect an SMS sent to (your phone number). Here, if the sim card of which you started the registration, is on the phone then it will be automatically detected. But if it is not, an SMS containing the code will be sent to the Phone Number, all you need to do is enter the Number in the spaceWhatsApp Login 2
  7. If you don’t get the code, you can click on Call me to receive a Voice call from Whatsapp giving you the code

Congratulations, You have Created a Whatsapp Account. So now What next?

Whatsapp Sign in – Whatsapp Profile Setup

Once you are done with Whatsapp Registration above when you are signed in automatically. The next thing to do is to Setup your Profile, Below are the needed steps:

  • After the 7th step above, you will be prompted to enter your name and additional profile picture
  • Click on Photo-Like icon
  • Then select a photo from your gallery and click on Done
  • Click on the type your Name and write your name, Then click on Next at the top right corner of the screen

Now your Whatsapp Account has been Set fully and ready for use.

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How to Add Contacts to your Whatsapp Account

Whatsapp access your phone contact to know which of them are on the platform. This stage is also easy, follow the steps below

  • Save a phone number with a name in your phone address book. If it’s an international number, then remember to save it in this format: +{country code}{Full Phone Number}
  • Then open Whatsapp
  • Go to chat tabs and click on New Chats icon
  • Next, tap on the menu button
  • Finally, click on Refresh

Then your contacts that are also on Whatsapp will all be displayed on the platform.

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I hope it was easy enough for you to comprehend? Let us know your mind by using the COMMENT BOX below. Also, feel free to share How to Create Whatsapp Account Free – Whatsapp Registration/Sign-in on your Social Media Account so that friends will also know about it.


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