Create Yandex Account – Yandex Registration | Yandex Login

A mailing service account on the go. Sign up with Yandex to experience a good mailing service. In this article you will be guided with the steps to a Yandex Registration so as to enable you create the account smoothly without stress and of course it’s easy to create one.

Yandex is a Russian multi-national technology company which specializes in internet related services and also products like the Yandex web browser, search engine and the rest of them not mentioned here.

Having a Yandex account gives you free access to the Yandex services and it’s absolutely free to create the account. Also when you have a Yandex account you are secured because it protects against spam and fraud when you log into your account with your pin and fingerprint.

You can switch the appearance of inbox to your taste and also new accounts gets free 10GB of cloud storage with yandex Disk when you create the account.

Wherever you may be at your convenience, you can use your mobile devices, computers to send and receive mail across other mailing platform.

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Create Yandex Account – Yandex Registration | Yandex Login

  • From your browser go to
  • Click on create an account on the left side of the displayed screen
  • Fill the form shown on the screen, the information includes; first name, surname, enter your login Email, enter and confirm password, mobile phone number, also if you don’t have a phone number you can click on the i don’t a telephone number below the mobile number boxCreate Yandex Account - Yandex Registration | Yandex Login
  • After putting your number in the box, a send code box will appear below it, click it
  • Enter the code sent to you and confirm
  • Agree to its terms and condition for use
  • Then click Register
  • Your account is registered with yandex congrats

You can now enjoy the Yandex account which is a single account that you can use to search, write emails, save and share your files with friends via it’s mailbox.

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Yandex Login ( sign in)

  • Visit
  • Click on sign in
  • Enter your Username and Password to log inCreate Yandex Account - Yandex Registration | Yandex Login
  • Then click on Sign In
  • You will then be logged into your account

Yandex Apk Download

You can always download the Yandex App for free from your mobile store be it the Play store or App store on your mobile device. Just visit the mobile app store on your device to download.

Hope this was helpful? Feel free to share the Yandex registration procedures on your social media account so others can know about it and use the COMMENT box below for any question or suggestions on Yandex sign up. THANKS



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