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Thinking that Whatsapp is just a social media platform for interaction only? Definitely not. This popular application has been gaining more users since its creation, racking up about millions of users. And now the application has taken yet another giant step to improve even further for the betterment of its users. Currently, one can be able to create your new Whatsapp payment once you have access to the app on your device.

Whatsapp payment is something you process with contacts via payment option, which means that it’s not the merchant payment type. Although, this can be done if your fellow user/recipient linked his/her phone number to the bank account and UPI.  Due to the backup of Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the new Whatsapp payment is currently now available for Android and iOS users.

Before you can be able to gain full access and be able to transfer money from one bank account to the other, you have to upgrade the app to the latest version 2.18. So, therefore, we’ve prepared for you how you can be able to create your new Whatsapp payment and transfer money using the Whatsapp app.

How to Create a New Whatsapp Payment

the steps below will serve as a guide for you to set up the Whatsapp payment.

  1. Firstly, go to ‘Settings’ and click on “Payments.”
  2. Go to “Add New Bank Account” and add your bank account.
  3. Then accept the “Terms and Conditions” and verify your mobile number.
  4. Once your mobile number has been verified, the list of bank accounts associated with the definite number will then appear.
  5. Then choose the bank account of your choice.
  6. After that, you’ll then have to enter the details of your debit card to create a Virtual Payee Address. (VPA)

You see how easy and simple it is!

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Now, we’re going to show you how you can be able to link and delete bank accounts via the Whatsapp payment.

How to Link Bank Account to the Whatsapp Payments

The steps below shows how you can be able to link a bank account to the Whatsapp payments:

  1. Download and Open Whatsapp.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Click on the option “Payments.”
  4. Click on “Accept and Continue” on the next page.
  5. Click “Verify via SMS” and verify your mobile number. A message will b sent to you via verification. Then proceed with your verification.
  6. Select your bank from the list of the supported UPI banks, and the last four digit of your account number. Although if you have more than one account with the same bank, it will show “multiple options” then you have to select one.
  7. Your details will be processed by the app and your bank account will be shown.
  8. Finally, a message will be sent to you showing “Set up Complete.”

All done with ease!

PLEASE  NOTE: The New Whatsapp Payment feature may not be available to some people, this is because the feature has not gotten to some countries, gradually it will circulate just like the WhatsApp Video Call. But to be sure make sure to update your WhatsApp App to the recent update.

Delete Bank Account in Whatsapp Payment

below is how you can be able to delete bank account in Whatsapp payment:

  1. The first step, open you’re Whatsapp.
  2. Click on the dots at the top right and click on “Payments.”
  3. Click on “Add new account.”
  4. List of banks will appear whereby you have to select your bank account.
  5. Your bank details will be searched for, and your account will be added.

Note:  By clicking on “Banks” You can also decide to set the bank account as the primary or secondary bank for transactions via the options provided depending on your choice.

How to Transfer Money via the Whatsapp Payment

Follow the steps below so you could be able to send money to other recipients:

  1. Step one: Open the chat about who you want to send the money to.
  2. Step two: Go to the “Clip” icon, locate and “Payment.”
  3. Step three: Enter the amount and back it up with a message and then click “Send.”
  4. Input your 4 digits UPI pin and then send.
  5. After that, you will receive an SMS indicating that the money has been successfully sent.

Note: The recipient must have the latest Whatsapp version and a configured bank account.


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