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A credit card is a card with money inside issued to an individual to make payments  for whatever things they wills and in promise to re-pay the issuer in a said date and with some charges.

Organizations that gives credit cards are: Bank industries, Insurance companies and others. Credit cards can appear just like an ATM Card and in variations like ATM cards, for instance they have Visa credit cards, Master credit card and others.

Haven said that, we want to show you the credit card application form and also how to apply for first bank, GT bank and other banks credit card, we may also let you know about Insurance credit cards.

However if you are banking with any bank, then be sure that you are qualified to have a credit card.

Credit Card Application Form

Just like we told you above, we want to show you how you can apply for a credit bank and then we will be using the banks credit card as a case study.

Different banks has different means of acquiring their credit card, just the same way they have different ways of opening an account with them, but one common thing among them is that the applicant must own an account with them.

More so, be sure to know that there is nothing of value that is free; so for your transactions with the credit card you will be charged for a certain amount of money and this depends on the bank which you are banking with, also failure to repay as at when due will attract it’s own charges.

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Types of Credit Cards

According to various banks, there are different kinds of credit card depending on the bank, for instance Zenith bank classifications of credit cards are as follows:

  • classic credit card
  • gold credit card
  • platinum credit card etc.

How to Apply for Bank’s Credit Card

You can find out more about your banks credit bank when you visit their official website or when you visit out page at


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