Guideline on How to Delete Your Uber Account Here

No doubt that Uber is considered to be one of the most popular ride services across the globe currently. Although, this doesn’t guarantee that the company is the only option for riding services in the world.  Should there be any case where you feel that you don’t like the policies of the company, their privacy protections, how they treat their drivers, the surge pricing popup, or even the latest redesign, You are free to choose whether to delete your Uber account or not. Be it using their app, or through your web browser, the steps to take have been preferred for you on this site.

It has been accounted for that one of the reasons why Uber users particularly those in New York decided to delete the company’s app on their respective phones, which contains their account information on it is because of the reason why Uber decided to eliminate the “Surge pricing” immediately after the strike of the NYTWA (New York Taxi Driver Workers Alliance). This has in-turn sparked other users into deleting their Uber apps from their own phones and sharing the screenshots via social media.

You have to bear it in mind that on any account you decide to delete your Uber account, it will be immediately deactivated.  Then after 30 days of trying to restore it, your account will be deleted permanently. This will also permanently remove any credit, promotions, or rewards linked to your account. You also have to bear it in mind that Uber is permitted by law to retain certain information after account have been deleted as stated by the company’s privacy policy.

How to Delete Your Uber Account

If you’re making use of a web browser, just follow the steps below and de-activate your Uber account successfully:

  1. The first thing to do is to go to your web browser.
  2. Secondly, click on “Sign In To Get Help.”Sign In To Get Help Page Via Uber Account Deletion
  3. The next step is where you’ll have to enter the email address which you used to create the Uber account.Enter Your Email Address Via Your Uber Account
  4. Then enter your Uber password and click on “Next.”Enter Your Email Password Via Your Uber Account
  5. Scroll down below and choose “ You’ll also have to tap on one of the boxes to confirm. After that, enter a reason if you have something specific you want to share on the box below and click on “Submit”Uber Delete Account Confirmation Page

Your account has been successfully deleted. That’s how simple it is!

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How to Delete Your Uber Account in the App

If you’re using the Uber app, here’s how you’ll delete your account:

  1. First step: Go to the Settings section of your app menu.
  2. Second step: Click on the “Privacy Settings.”
  3. Third step: Click on “Delete Account” and follow the necessary steps on your screen

It’s just simple! Your account has been finally deleted via app meaning that you can go ahead and remove the app from your mobile phone.

Note: You can also be able to restore your account after 30 days of deletion.


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