Digg.com Account Setup | How to Access Digg Account

Digg has grown to be very helpful for your blog business. This site helps you to find interesting contents which will help drive traffic to your blog. In this site, you can also be able to share interesting and vital information about your blog with the prospect of promoting your site. Not only that, you can be able to vote on links been sent to you, and also make comments to other posts. You can access Digg account properly once you set up the account.

Before you post on Digg, you probably need either your Facebook or Twitter account. You can be able to choose an article of your choice from other websites. It allows its users to recommend links to new posts or photos, which are being put into a vote by the Digg community prior to how interesting the contents/posts, are. Follow the guideline prepared for you in this site so that you can be able to access Digg account.

How to Access Digg Account

Below are the steps that will help you set up a Digg account.

  1. For a start, just click on the link digg.com.
  2. Then click on “Sign in” at the top right corner of the page.
  3. You’ll then have to choose whether to sign in with either your Facebook or Twitter social account.
  4. Once you’re done, you’ll then be signed up to Digg.

Once you’ve finally created an account on Digg, you’ll then be required to add your personal information like Full Name, Photo, etc, under the profile settings.

After that, you’ll then have to add about five relevant links to any website been selected so that someone can know about you. To add any link, go to the bottom page and click on “Submit a Link” > copy and paste a link to your website and then tap “Submit.”

It’ll be interesting for you to make the first page as this enables you to actually generate more followers prior to your posts and become an expert. You can only achieve this by first submitting your blogs in Digg.

Once you accumulate more followers, you can, therefore, submit your best content so as to get a high number of Diggs. But you first need to optimize your title and also the description of your content, and then a relevant category and best thumbnail for your content before you intend to submit. This is because well-optimized titles and interesting description enables you to generate more Diggs.

If you’re active in your account, you have the better chance of getting more Diggs and followers. In order to be an active member, you need to be submitting different kinds of posts, make followers or follow others, add friends, and also comment on other posts.

How to Delete your Digg Account

If Digg has suddenly turned boring to you, you can delete your account without much stress. Deleting your Digg account tends to permanently remove your private data. To delete your Digg account, you need to first log into your account > click on “Settings” > then go to the Accounts section and click on “Delete my Account.”


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