Learn How to disavow Links on Google Webmaster Tool

Only focusing on providing information on your website isn’t enough care you can offer to your blog (business) as many factors can tarnish your yearly efforts.

One of them is the type of external links your website has attracted or pointed to it.

We have all had about backlinks and its benefits. Yes, it is good we get links pointing back to our business (external links) but we need to always checkmate them at all cost.

What is the meaning of Disavow?

To disavow is more like saying blacklisting. This is the webmaster tool terms to isolate bad or unwanted backlinks on your website.

How to Identify bad Links to Disavow

Some of those links come pointing on your website even without your notice or approval or it. They just come naturally to come harm your ranking and traffic.

Also, there are these that you have intentionally added by yourself all in the name of hustling to get backlinks for your website.

However, it is not wrong to get backlinks for your website but it is highly recommended that you don’t get it out of curiosity. Because in the end, you hurt your business.

how to identify bad-link you want to disavow – let’s take for instance your blog is talking about education, you may find out that;

  • some of those links are dead-links (not opening)
  • some are opening but not related to your blog niche
  • some are totally harmful to look – like polygraph is usually a common bad-links we usually see pointing.

There is a popular saying;
“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”

When you have all this type of links point at you, then it is assumed that you support the connection and their activities. Which definitely will harm your site traffic and rankings and you start losing the authority of your website.

This is why we have shown below how you can go about removing them. And later in future again you can repeat the same thing. I usually disavow at least 3-times in a year.

How to Disavow Links on the New Google Webmaster Tool

Step One: Login To Your Webmaster Tool Account

Step Two: Locate “Links” and click to open page.

Google disavow image 1

The “Links” is where you see all sites linking to you and that you are linking to. Sometimes some links can link to more than one page on your website; you’ll also see that on this page.

Step Three: Open the “Top Linking Sites”

Google disavow image 2

After the “Links” page is open where you will see all internal linkings, external linkings, top links to your sites, etc, simply locate the “Top Linking Sites” Tab and click on “More” to expand (open) the full page.

Step Four: Check For The Bad Links

From here you should be able to see all the external links to your sites. And this is where the work of disavowing starts.

You’ll have to check the links one by one to fish out the bad links as discussed above.

To start checking the links, click on the “click-out” icon you see by the right side of each links to confirm if the link is good or not before making the decision of adding to your disavow backlink list.

Google disavow image 3

You will see the “click out” icon once you hover your mouse towards the any of the links.

Then it clicks out, you will then confirm if its actually a good link for your site or not before taking the next step below.

Step Five: Prepare Your Document with .txt

Preferably I use Notepad. You can also use it or any code editor. But the main thing is preparing your disavow backlinks list in the appropriate manual Google recommends and save it with any name but should end with .txt

How to Prepare Google Disavow Banklink Document

You have to make sure that to specify one URL or domain to disavow per line. And, you cannot disavow an entire subpath, such as example.com/en/

Now to arrange your disavow document you will prefix it with “domain:“, for example: domain:example.com

See image below to see a sample of Google disavow backlink arrangement officially recommended by Google.

Google disavow image 4.png

you don’t have to put any space between the “domain” and the “:” and the link you are disavowing. And, each of the links must be on one line as see in on the image above.

Time to save it… press your “Ctrl + S” or go to files and select “Save as” on the name enter any name you which but make sure it ends with .txt which is already there by default. If you have used notepad to do this the .txt will automatically be added.

So let’s continue…

Step Six: Log on to Google Disavow Banklink Page

The Google official page to submit your disavow file or document is – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main

Step Seven: Select the Domain extension or Version

Personally I use the https://www so from the drop-down bar you select the version your domain is represented it.

Then click on “DISAVOW LINKS”.

On the next page that opens again click on “Disavow links“. But make sure that you’ve read and understood the implications of the action you’re about to carry out.

Step Eight: Upload Your Disavow Links Document

You should expect a pop-up after clicking on “Disavos links” (above step) – now, here you will upload the document and submit.

Google disavow image 7.png
  1. To do so, simply click on “Choose file”,
  2. then locate the file where you saved on your computer,
  3. select the file and click ok or upload or open
  4. now the file is uploaded on Google, click on “Submit”
  5. then you will get a notification that you have successfully submit a number of domains or websites to disavow.
Google disavow image 8.png

Then click “Done” to finish the Google backlinks disavow process.

You may further go check your email – Google notifying you that you submitted links to disavow.

It may interest you to learn how to correctly create a new Bing Webmaster Tool Account for fast ranking and traffic – CLICK HERE.

At this point, we have completed the process on how to disavow Links on the new Google Webmaster or Search Console page.

Use the comment box below let us share more thought on this topic.

I’m waiting to hear from you.


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