Do they Have Canada Visa Lottery Application Forms –

Do they Have Canada Visa Lottery Application Forms ? Find out now, because you may have seen adverts on Canada visa lottery application 2019/2020 and there about, now you need to know the truth so that you won’t be duped.

This information is what we gathered from Canadian immigration office and from Canadian immigration lawyer Mr David Cohen.

Canada is one of the best livable country in the world; there education system, work system, health system cannot be compared with any other country. In fact it is the best place to go when looking for job.

However the country does not offer any visa lottery for people to migrate to their country and be taken care of for free, but the country performs other sacrificial offers which encourages people who may want to migrate to do so. Canada visa application and collection is not as hard as American and Chinese visa application, so this serves as an encouragement tips for those who will like to move into Canada.

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Do they Have Canada Visa Lottery Application Forms

Now, many questions have been asked, questions like: do Canada have a visa lottery? the answer is No! and we will say again No!. Canada does not have any visa lottery for any country whatsoever.

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According to David Cohen who is the Canadian immigration lawyer, he said “Government of Canada does not issue visas through a lottery, and the promised application form does not exist” Therefore you should avoid any website that claims such things.

However if you want to apply for Canadian visa, you are so welcomed to do so but you will have to follow all the steps involved and you will not be given any preferential services even if you are from a friend-country. To find out more about this information you can visit their portal at

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