Necessary Required Documents to Upload into Your Uber Account

Since the startup of Uber, it has been a life-changing event for most drivers in the company. This is no surprise considering the fact that the company has grown tremendously over the past few years. Nowadays, most people who feel like joining the community have been properly put through prior to the requirements via internet media. So if you feel like you are qualified to drive with Uber, there are required documents to upload into your Uber account which is quite important to share with the company.

There are some documents which you definitely need so that your vehicle can be properly registered, which will enable you to ensure and guarantee yourself proper security on the Uber internet system. For a startup, you’ll need to apply first by entering your city’s name and start the application process. Your copy must be a very clear and readable one, the documents must be accurate and correct as incorrect ones are discarded. We are going to show you the needed documents to upload into your Uber account so you can be able to take note of them.

The Necessary Documents to Upload into Your Uber Account

The required documents are drafted and explained accordingly for a clearer understanding. See below:

Driver’s Licence

To obtain this document, you must be sure to be between 21 years and above.

Work eligibility

To show proof, you’ll be required to provide an unexpired Country’s passport, birth certificate, citizenship card (if any), and the national ID card.

Operating Card (Double Disk)

You’ll have to visit your nearest roadworthy centre or DEKRA to obtain this document. The essence of it is that it indicates that the vehicle you purchased is a commercial one which is used in transporting people. This documented card is understood to be obtained at any Licensing Department, but you’ll have to wait for like 1-3 days after processing in order to receive yours.

You just have to bear it in mind that this Operator Card expires every end of the month with the further option for renewal. So make sure the correct expiry date is properly inputted.

Vehicle certificate of registration

You can obtain this document once you purchase and register the vehicle on your name. Should there be any case where the vehicle is a financed one; the bank may decide to hold the original copy of the document leaving you with the copy of it.

To load this document, both the license plate of the vehicle purchased and the year of its first registration must be visible and clearer.

Vehicle inspection certificate

This inspection is performed equally by the DEKRA test centre. So, all you need do is to locate the DEKRA in your nearest centre and complete an inspection report process.

Just bear in mind that the inspection report must be uploaded within a month of successful inspection completion. Although, if your vehicle is quite new, like up to 6 months, then you don’t need a vehicle inspection report but rather an upload of your vehicle certificate of registration. Also note that should there be any case where your vehicle failed the inspection, you’ll have to know that it will not be accepted by Uber.

Note: To find a nearest DEKRA test centre, just click>>> dekraauto

Vehicle insurance

In this, you have to note that your name must be very clear on the vehicle insurance slip. In case you are a secondary driver, you’ll then have to include a photo of the full policy document with your name on it.

Vehicle insurance cover

You should have in mind that the insurance policy and its number must be clearly stated and comprehensively insured for business. And equally, it must be able to state the insurance provider name.

Note: Uber has negotiated a highly competitive insurance deal with VUM insurance brokers on behalf of Uber partners.

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