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Millions of people often watch videos everyday and while watching their favorite videos there must be a part of a video that they wish to keep watching. In every movie, there must be a part of it that you wish to watch often but you don’t want to keep stressing yourself on forwarding the main video in order to got it. But is it possible for one to record a video, video call, game play videos that he/she is watching? Yes! it is.

But the only way to do it is to have this app called Screen Recorder and to have this app you have to download it, thats why we wanna teach you how to download screen recorder app for free – a video recorder for your mobile phone.
Screen recorder app is a an IOS app that can take live videos and easily screenshot videos in high quality. It doesn’t watermark and has no time limit, how interesting! This app can capture smooth and clear screen videos.

However you can record HD tutorial videos, video calls and videos that cannot be downloaded.
It has a video editing tools that can help you edit, cut, trim and merge various videos. Adding a background music is an easy thing in this app.

Screen recorder app features a brush tool that can help you to mark or draw on the screen while recording.

Interestingly, It has an overlay front camera that can record your face in a small window of the app and you can also drag your customized face record to any position on the screen.

It also help you capture screen, record screen game play video with its audio easily.
You can record any video whether games, live videos or films in a high quality.

So, download this screen recorder app for free to capture screen, record screen in a cleaner way.
To experience all features of this app just download this app by following these steps below, but before that lets quickly show you the features of this app.

Features of Screen Recorder App

  1. Record screen in a cleaner way
  2. You can screenshot a live video or a game play video
  3. Allows you to mark or draw on the screen while recording
  4. Permits you to record video calls
  5. Also, you can record your face with a front camera and drag it to any position on the screen
  6. Allows you to customize your video to your taste
  7. You will experience a high quality video recording.

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How to download screen recorder app

There are two ways to download this apk, which includes:

  • Downloading on Google play store
  • Downloading on any web browser

To download on google play store

  • Go to Google play store and enter screen recorder
  • Navigate to the download page and tap on download
  • Accept their terms and policies and tap on install
    Here is your app that you can access anytime and anywhere

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To download on web browser

  1. Go to any web browser of your choice and log on to
  2. Once the result is out, go to the download page and click on download
  3. Accept their terms and condition and tap on install
    Once you’ve installed, you can now use this app to screenshot videos and record as well whenever you want.

Am so happy that you learnt how to download screen recorder app free from our page but to rate our guide please kindly use the comment box below.

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