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Whatsapp is one of the free app for messaging family and friends who are within or outside the country using android or PC or any other devices. You can equally make quality video and voice calls .Now, imagine talking to your loved ones that are not close to you, isn’t it fascinating ?!! So there is no enough reason for you not to Download Whatsapp for Free. However, In this same app you can start up a group chat, where you can share photos, latest infos, even videos, with the people you are with, in that group.

You may be asking, Will this app cost me anything? The answer is No!, Whatsapp costs you nothing to download or use, Whatsapp only requires your data via your Internet connection to  bring you into your chat box where you communicate with your family and friends. Interestingly, Whatsapp allows you to use 4G, 3G, and even 2G network to make clear and quality calls.

Furthermore, the whatsapp calls, voice messages, sharing of videos, musics, photos and documents featured in this whatsapp app which you want to download for free won’t even  you any airtime as it always demand in a normal task rather it will only consume your data in which you connected with. There is no need for any subscription for you to use this whatsapp app and its features apart from your data subscription.

Moreover, there is no hidden charges placed on your international calls which you make using whatsapp. More so, sharing of photos, documents, voice chats, SMS, contacts and other files are entirely free. Now you see, no need of trying to copy and paste your contacts into your whatsapp account because whatsapp automatically imports all your contacts after you download whatsapp for free. Whatsapp download is very easy that is why we are here to show you all that.

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Features of this Whatsapp APP

  1. Free whatsapp calls
  2. Free video calls
  3. Chatting without airtime
  4. Sharing of Documents
  5. Notification of new messages when you are offline
  6. Using voice messages when you are unable to write to your friends
  7. Receiving photos, videos and documents without the other persons knowledge
  8. Uploading videos, photos, and write-ups in one of the features called “status” where every of your contacts ( only the ones you want)
  9. Create groups with your loved ones
  10. Can also engage in live videos

How to Download Whatsapp for Free

Step One

  1. Go to your browser and log on to
  2. Navigate to the upper right hand side of the page and click on download
  3. Select your phone type
  4. Click on “download” to finally download the app
  5. Go to your download folder and locate the app
  6. Tap open, agree on the terms and conditions install the app properly

Now you have learnt the general way to download whatsapp app for free, but here is yet another way to do that

Step Two

  1. Open your browser, search for Google play store
  2. Enter whatsapp on the search icon and search
  3. Locate the app now and download
  4. Go to your download folder, tap open and agree on their terms and policy in order to install properly.

NOTE: These steps can easily be used by mobile phone users.

Step Three

  1. Open your Internet web browser and search for whatsapp app
  2. Choose any of the website listed on the search engine
  3. Download whatsapp.

If you read up to this point, then am sure you must have successfully downloaded the latest version of whatsapp, but it didn’t stop here i will also teach you how to register whatsapp.

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How to do your Whatsapp Registration

Once you have agreed to their terms and policies, you have to fill-in all the gaps shown you:

Step One

  • Fill in the mobile phone number you prefer to open your whatsapp with.
  • Allow whatsapp to confirm the mobile phone number by sending you a code
  • Allow whatsapp to also have access to your contacts and media
  • Wait for your account to initiate and here is your welcome page.

Wow!! am sure you have downloaded and registered your whatsapp in your mobile phone phone or PC but before you leave this page remember to use the comment box below to rate this page.



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