DStv Registration Frequently Asked Questions

From this DStv registration Frequently asked questions, you will get to understand the steps to register dstv account, how to download DStv app and register the account on mobile phone, how to register dstv account from Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana or from any country and where to get DStv Smart card.

DStv is the Multichoices’ direct broadcast satellite service which is largely used in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Gabon, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Conga and other Africa Nations

DStv showcases Multi Channels to view, channels like News, entertainments, sports, reality shows, cartoons, Christians movies, Zee World, local shows, gospel and so many more interesting channels. To be able to enjoy any of this services, you will have to get the DStv decoder or download app from online and then subscribe.

All these things requires series steps and that is what we will be taking time to show on this page. So, we are going to be taking care of the DStv registration frequently asked questions on this page.

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DStv Registration Frequently Asked Questions

What is DStv Smartcard Number?

DStv Registration Frequently Asked Questions

DStv smart card number is a number given to you at the cause of registration, this number can be found behind your DStv decoder or at your payment receipt. The number is usually a 10 To 11 digit number.

hyyyy i want to register my dstv online in south africa but i am in zimbabwe, how can i do it?

DStv registration can be done online or simply visit any DStv or Multichoice office around you to start up your registration. There are many DStv branches scattered across within Africa, so find the one that is close to your area and start up your registration.

Where can i download DStv App?

log on to google play store from your internet browser or visit any app store that is ready to offer it to you for free to start up your registration. But note, Dstv registration is free and the app is also free.

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Can I Watch DStv Channels for Free on Mobile?

DStv channels are not free, you can download the app, register an account for free but you cannot be able to watch any of it’s channels for free. DStv has different plans, depending on what you can afford, so check out their plans online and subscribe to get started.

Where to Get DStv Registration Form

To get started with your DStv registration, log on to their channel at www.dstv.com to get started. To get DStv decoder, visit any of their branches around your area to get a decoder and then register to get started.

Now, to speak directly with any of our Customer service representative, please use the comment box below to register your complain.




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