Easy Way to Register a Company in Nigeria for Free

We are glad you want to register a company in Nigeria for free, but we are not too sure you know what registering a company in Nigeria entails and i know that is why you are here, so we have prepared this guide for you. Read from start to finish to learn the ABC of registering a company.

Easy Way to Register a Company in Nigeria for Free

Nigeria is one of the most populated country in Africa and it is regulated by laws and policies. The laws as such that guides starting a school in Nigeria, importing and exporting of goods in nigeria and so forth.

Before you can start up a company of your own in Nigeria, you will first of all find out the laws that are guiding Nigerians as regards the company type you want to run, For instance, if you want to open a clothing industry or a textile industry, you need to first of all find out what laws applies to that line of business.

There is an organization that is called the CAC, the Corporate Affairs Commission, this organization is responsible for company registration in Nigeria. So lets find out their requirements as touching company registration.

How to Register a Company in Nigeria by CAC

There are different types of company registration and in it’s differences, they have their requirements, lets see the categories below:

  1. Register a Company (Private or Public)
  2. Register a Limited by Guarantee
  3. Conversion and Re-registration of Private Company as Public
  4. Re-registration of company Limited by Shares as unlimited Company
  5. Re-registration of Unlimited Company as Limited by Shares
  6. Registration of Mortgages, Debentures and Charges.

Now break it down one afer the other.

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How to Register a Private Company in Nigeria

  1. log on to www.new.cac.gov.ng to check for availability of your proposed company name
  2. fill up the CAC pre-registration form online
  3. Pay a specified amount for the filing and Stamp duty fees, you can  find out how much this cost at the CAC portal
  4. you can then after prepare the signed scan copy of your pre-registration documents.

How to Register a Limited by Guarantee Company on CAC

  1. Observe the step one above
    Reserve a Name that you have got (optional)
  2. Fill up form CAC1.1 online
  3. Pay your Stamp duty fee to (FIRS) Federal Board of Inland Revenue Service
  4. go to CAC office or log on to their portal to pay your filing fee
  5. in PDF format, Scan and save the dully completed Form CAC1.1 also do the same for the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MEMART), recognized form of identification for Director(s)/Subscriber(s) and Secretary.
  6. You can then upload the scanned documents for processing.

How to Convert or Re-register a Private Company in Nigeria (CAC)

  1. Prepare a special resolution signed by at least two directors to convert and register the company
  2. Get a memorandum and Articles of Association as required under CAMA for public companies
  3. get a written statement by the Directors in respect of share capital
    Balance sheet as at the date of the resolution or the preceding six months.
  4. make a payment which is the  filing fees
  5. the Annual Returns must be filed up to date and also evidence of S.636 (in case of banks etc).

How to Re-register in CAC a Company Limited By Shares as Unlimited Company

Get an application in a well prescribed form that is signed by two directors and the Secretary and accompanied by:

  1. Stamped Memorandum and Articles of Association incorporating the alterations set out in the application
  2. A form of assent to the company being registered as unlimited
  3. A statutory declaration made by directors of the company
  4. Payment of filing fees as demanded by CAC.

How to Re-register an Unlimited Company as Limited by Shares

  1. get a special resolution stating the prescribed proposed share capital and the requisite alterations in the Articles
  2. Application in the prescribed form that is signed by at least two directors and secretary
  3. a copy of prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus delivered within the preceding 12 months to the Securities and Exchange Commission
  4. Memorandum as altered in pursuance of the resolution
  5. payment of filing fees and other things required by CAC.

So you can now select the type of company registration that you want to do and then follow the requirements that is attached to it. If you have questions, you can ask us with the box below.

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