Easy Ways to Track lost Android phones – Recover Lost Phone

There is every possibility that you will loose your phone and losing a phone is considered as one of the worst nightmares because phone is a private device and also a best friend to the owner due to the fact that we manage almost all our activities with it. The services it renders to us is enough not to let go. However, we can’t stop to feel sad when our phone gets missing, but we can now, especially now that we know the easy ways to track lost android phones.

The first thing you will do is to track the location of your device and do you know? it is an easy thing to do and so if you can read this informative post step-by-step am sure before you’ll get to the end, you must have learnt one or two ways to recover your lost android phone.

Easy Ways to Track lost Android phones

There are three easy ways of tracking any of your lost devices:

  • Locating your phone with Google’s Android Device Manager(find my phone )
  • Locate your phone with google maps
  • Find your phone using its IMEI Number.

1. Locate Phone with Google’s Android Device Manager (find my phone)

This Google’s android device manager, mainly called “find my phone” is a reliable, compatible and fast way of locating your phone. Google created this track site in such a way that you can view the location of your missing device at that exact time, reset your device, lock it and even ring it from that interface remotely.

Here are few steps that will teach you how to use this google tracker:

  • Go to any web browser and log in to Google’s android device manager or type find my phone
  • Enter your email and your password and tap on log in.

NOTE: The email you enter must be the one that is effective and signed up with the lost phone.

  • Allow the tracker to contact your device if is the only phone around but if not, after getting the list of devices that are linked to your google account then choose the one to track.
  • Exact location of your device will be shown to you, then zoom if required for clear confirmation of your device location.

How to ring the tracked phone remotely

  • Once you have tracked your phone, on that view location interface, navigate to left hand side of your phone
  • Click on”play sound” and the phone will ring for five minutes on it’s highest volume

The most interesting part of it this step is that your device will ring even if set to silent. Do you know you can still erase all content from the device remotely? yes! you can, only do that by tapping on “erase device” at left hand side of that same platform. But once your device has been erased, you cant locate it again.

Track lost Android phones

2.  Locate your Phone with Google Maps

Google map is also another method of tracking lost or stolen devices but for you to track phone on this google map ensure that its location feature is turned on, your device must be located to internet and your google account.

Therefore. you must always turn on the location reporting feature in your device, once its often done before you lost it , then using google map is not a bad idea too, just do according to the steps given below:

  • Go to Google map location history timeline, log in using the same google account signed up with your phone.
  • click on the timeline section and select the present date
  • It starts locating your device with respect to the selected date
  • Once its located, you can now identify the current location of your device

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3. Find your Phone Using its IMEI

IMEI is fully spelt as International Mobile Equipment Identity Number (IMEI) and it is a serial number given to any android phone that can be used to track that phone, if it get lost. Remember you have to know your phone’s IMEI before you can progress in this particular process.

Ways to Know your Phone’s IMEI

  1. You can write it down on a safe place from the back of your phone.
  2. Also, you can simply dial *60# on your dial-pad to get it
  3. The last but not the least is going to your phone’s “settings”, tap on “about device”, and lastly tap on “status” to obtain your phone’s IMEI.

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NOTE: After taking any of these steps in obtaining the IMEI, you can log in to any reliable IMEI online search portal like; TrackIMEI, TrackMyIMEI etc to track your phone. You can equally call any of your service providers to use your obtained IMEI to locate your device.

Am glad you’ve learnt the easy ways to track lost android phones, so am sure you can use any of these various ways of tracking your lost phone, so there is no need of being frightened when you eventually lost your android phone. Am glad you learnt so much from this page so don’t forget to rate this guide using the comment box below.


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