ETX Capital Review For New Investors And Traders

ETX Capital is a financial service that was founded in 2002 in London. It offers online trading, CFDs and spread betting.

It is a United Kingdom company that is headquartered in London, having John Wilson as the executive chairman, Andrew Edwards as chief executive officer (CEO) AND peter Wallis as the chief technology officer.

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ETX platform

This wonderful platform has only three platforms namely ETX trader pro, ETX MT4, and ETX binary

ETX trader pro: This platform gives scope to users so as to have knowledge of their ambition. With several markets and tools ETX trader pro is the best choice for users

  • Tight spreads: This platform offers variety of spreads to their users so as to make their trading easy
  • Multiple markets: Trader pro offers market access with several choices available to the users

ETX MT4: This allows users to trade via expert advisors and indicators which is popular in the financial trading department

  • Mobile trading: The platform is seen in form of mobile, enabling users to trade anywhere they are
  • MT4 platform benefits: With this, trader can open huge number charts at once enabling them to access several market information
  • MT4 hedging: With this users can hedge their trade by ensuring that their trader will receive some return no matter the way the trade goes

ETX binary: ETX capital offers a binary platform to their users, giving users options, commodities, stocks and also several option formats which users can select from.

They give users the chance to choose either 24 hours or a minute. The longer period enables trader to make choices within a long period.

While the short period trader can see their positions switch between losing and winning positions as the ending time gets nearer

CFD Trading

CFD trading gives a level of leverage which enables investors to trade on the market asset in the two ways.

It gives traders high yields and also carry a huge level of risk. Traders should take note that trading charges overnight can be joined to CFDs

How to trade with CFD

To trade with CFD, traders have to follow the steps below

  1. Keep up with news and markets trends: To stay high you need to be updated with global, financial events
  2. Observing pre-market trading: Traders need to observe the period of trading that takes place before the opening of everyday stock market each trading day
  3. Approach ground floors with caution: Traders need to make sure that they approach what is needed to be approached with caution
  4. Keep calm and carry on: Traders should always make sure they are calm and also have good emotions when trading

Why traders should Choose ETX 

ETX works extremely hard to satisfy their traders, providing experience for their clients.

They give opportunities for free to client and also ensure that your account is safe. They offer good trading settings, great customer facility also

  • Taking care of your customers: ETX clients have access to several service teams also support answers in FAQs in more than fifteen varieties of languages. It gives customer service in the following language Greek, polish, German, mandarin, English, Spain, Czech, French
  • Client fund safety: This service offers steps tailored to maintain user’s money. Everyday security allows that the firm has permanent capital
  • Trade on the go: ETX Capital give mobile trading app with all trading platform available on android, ipad, iPhone devices which allows traders to do what they want to do wherever they are
  • Significant choice of markets: With this users, get access to several markets that trade, also allows users to trade worldwide and also enlarge their trading

Steps on how to login | ETX Capital Login

To login you need to follow the steps below

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the login icon on the top right corner of the page
  3. Enter your username
  4. Enter password
  5. Click on the login icon

If you followed the steps above, you have successfully logged into your account and you should kindly make use of our comment section below for more inquiries…

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