Europe’s Top 10 Beaches to Catch Some Fun

Are you considering taking your holiday to the next fun level? Then you have to consider most of Europe’s top 10 beaches to choose from. Even though you don’t fancy going to beaches, or probably the fact that you didn’t actually schedule for it. I bet you that once you view these beaches, you’ll actually feel enticed and will probably think of re-considering your interest so as to make your stay in Europe worthwhile. This site has prepared for you the list of Europe’s top 10 beaches for your wonderful relaxation.

The list of these Europe’s top 10 beaches was properly reviewed this year based on environmental friendliness, proper security, and fun-fare. So, if you consider booking your flight to Europe on holidays, or even prior to any visit of any kind, you have to consider paying a visit to one of Europe’s top 10 beaches.

List of Europe’s Top 10 Beaches

This site has prepared for you the list of Europe’s top 10 beaches; coupled with the respective countries they are found. So read further below.

Carvoeiro Beach (Algarve, Portugal)The Carvoeiro Beach View

This is no doubt has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world currently. With quite an astonishing sea and very nice water, for your cool comfort, you probably have to consider booking a flight to Portugal and visit this beach. There is also the Castelo Guesthouse which probably offers you a clear view of the beach. If you want to relax for a bit after swimming there is the Suites Alba Resort & Spa to grant you that relaxation.

Marathonisi Island (Kefalonia, Greece)View of the Marathonisi Island

The Marathonisi Island which is known by most Greeks as the Turtle Island is another shot to take note of. It has quite an exquisite view with a very nice ocean. No wonder many people do crowd that place because of its fun set up. There are two beautiful beaches on Marathonisi. On the front of the island, there is a large, sandy beach with a distinctly tropical feel. The main beach on Marathonisi is really spectacular, with white sands and turquoise seas. So consider booking a flight to Greece and pay a visit to this beach to witness the beauties.

Peljesac Beach (Peninsula, Croatia)Peljesac Beach Perfect View

This is one of the must-see beaches which you need to consider while taking up a flight to visit Europe. It has very sublime landscapes with nice blue waters where you can enjoy your perfect swim and relax perfectly to enjoy the nice sunshine. You can find Natural beauty, peace and quiet, and lots of privacy in the Peljesac beach. Visit this beach once you’re heading to Croatia to book your holiday schedule.

Elafonissi Sand Beach (Crete, Greece)The Elafonissi Sand Beach

Enjoy your holiday in Greece by visiting the Elafonissi beach located in Western Crete. This sand beach is so unique that its waters are pink-like and also warm, which is incredible and very rare in some parts of the world. The reason for this is due to the fact that there is kind of reddish microorganisms, and It’s made of a natural formulation of calcium carbonate from small marine invertebrates that mixed to corals and shells and other marine things which has Foraminifera, a microscopic amoeba that has a red or bright pink body shell. All of these are what causes the sand to have a pink hue. So, why not book your place in the Western part of Crete and visit this beach even for once to see for yourself.

Cameo Island (Zakynthos, Greece)Cameo Island Clear View

This is one of the most beautiful and small islands in Greece with a small bar, umbrellas, and deck chairs which will enable you to enjoy a comfortable relaxation. Upon your visit to this island, you’ll have to pass through a long and wooden bridge which connects to the port of Agios Sostis on the sublime island. And above the beach, which is located in the bay surrounded by cliffs, there are nice pieces of cloth hanging on the rope and waving. If you want to be granted entrance into this beach, then you have to pay a fee within the range of (5euros). Try out this beach because it’s just a right shot for you.

Atrani Beach (Atrani, Italy)View of the Atrani Beach

The Atrani beach located in Naples is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the South-West of Italy. It has cool serene blue waters and colourful blue lights to give you a perfect view of the night. No doubt is widely considered as one of the coolest beaches in Italia. With an affordable price, you surely stand the chance to book your entrance to the Atrani beach and catch some fun.

Sakarun Beach (Dugi Island, Croatia)View of the Sakarun Beach

This beach is located near the northern part of Dugi Otok, in Croatia. It equally has very beautiful and sandy clear waters with panoramas. Accessed down a gravel track, off the main road between the villages of Božava and Veli Rat, Sakarun is the island’s best-known and most-photographed beach. It has shallow water with smooth white stones on the shore turn to fine white pebbles on the seabed. From June to September, there are two beach bars hiring out sun beds and umbrellas, and beyond the roped-off swimming area, sailing boats often put down anchor. With just an affordable price tag, you surely stand the chance to book your place in Dalmatia and gain entrance to the beach to enjoy your relaxation.

Saint-Malo (Britanny, France)Saint-Malo Beach View

If you’re passing through Saint Malo, there are about three unique beaches you need to bear in mind; the Big Beach, Minhic Beach, and the Bay Beach located near the bridge. These beaches are very unique with warm weather to warm your skin. If you consider checking-out on the hotel after your relaxation, there is the Particulier Ascott hotel which is quite near the beach. Walking through the cobbled streets of St Malo’s old town feels like you’ve stepped back in time. This popular tourist destination and busy ferry port offer visitors an authentic glimpse into Brittany’s important seafaring past.

Saint Ives Beach (Cornwall, England)Saint Ives Beach View

The English Saint Ives Beach is another beautiful set up with exquisite landscapes. The village in Saint Ives is normally known for its fishing culture and also has become one of the most important seaside resorts in Cornwall. No doubt it has been considered as one of the best resort reserves in the UK, and one of the most beautiful in Europe at large. You need to consider spending some time in England and try to visit this beach for your relaxation.

Xi Beach (Kefalonia Island, Greece)Xi Beach in Kefalonia Island

Known for its ruddy sand and clay cliffs, Xi Beach is located in the area of Palliki, south of Lixouri which is just about 8 kilometres from the city. The beach is in no doubt one of the most beautiful islands in Greece due to its beautiful colours and crystal clear shallow waters. With its red-orange sand, coupled with cool water and nice environment, the beach is definitely the wish for anyone to pay a visit to.  Not only is it a place for some fun and relaxation, but you can also decide to engage in some activities in Kefalonia where the beach is based.


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