F.lux App Review and Download For Your Computer

F.lux App Review – f.lux is a cross-platform computer program that adjusts a display’s color temperature according to location and time of day, offering functional respite for the eyes.

The program is designed to reduce eye strain during night-time use, helping to reduce disruption of sleep patterns.

f.lux offers a variety of colour profiles and pre-defined temperature values, modifying program behaviour for specific programs or activities; including a mode for film watching, decreasing red tinge (for 2.5 hours), and a darkroom mode that does not affect night-adapted vision.

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F.lux App Review

F.lux is a free app for Mac, PC, and Linux, that runs in the background and subtly changes the color temperature of your computer screen to match the time of day.

As the developers explain on the f.lux website, the screen is “warm at night and like sunlight during the day.”

“When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights,” f.lux says. “In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.”

The idea is that matching the computer screen to your environment makes looking at your computer more pleasant.

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F.lux may also help you sleep better because by decreasing the blue light emitted by your computer screen.

Being exposed to blue light at night can confuse your brain and make it harder to fall and stay asleep.

Benefits of Using f.lux App

So hopefully you can now you can see why I’m such a fan of this app. In summary F.lux can:

  • Reduce eye strain when using your computer, or tablet at night
  • Increase your productivity by letting you work later into the night schedules
  • Reduce stimulated wakefulness by minimizing the effect of ‘blue light’ messing up your sleep schedule

F.lux App Review and Download

To Download F.lux then use this link and get it done.

  • Upon installation, the user can choose a location based on geographic coordinates, a ZIP code or the name of a location.
  • The program then automatically calibrates the device display’s color temperature to account for time of day, based on sunrise and sunset at the chosen location.
  • At sunset, it will gradually change the color temperature to a warmer color and restore the original color at sunrise

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, don’t we all!? — then we highly recommend giving f.lux a try. After all, it’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

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