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Facebook 2019 App download free – The new facebook app is now available for your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, tablets, windows phone, PCs and all devices, you can now use the button below to download or upgrade to facebook 2019 version.

The new facebook app apk allows you to make quality video and voice calls, it connects you to download facebook messenger for free .The app is both compatible with phones and PCs; it’s users friends and has all you choice in it, so if you have not got the app already, we will lead you to download it instantly, but remember the app is only conjoined with the account, which means if you don’t have a facebook account, you can’t gain access to facebook service when you download.

So now, to help you, we advise you create facebook 2019 account and then do Facebook 2019 app download free. More so be less assured that you can easily gain access to faceook 2019 app if you already have the 2018 facebook app; all you need do is to upgrade to the latest version.

Moreover, the two will still give you the end result, But what is the difference between to Upgrade and to Download?

How To Do Facebook Upgrade

To upgrade means to get to the latest version, so if you are to update an app, it means you want to get the app to it’s latest version, so this is entirely different from when you are downloading it for the first time. So to upgrade your facebook app to 2019 version, this is what yo should do:

  1. If the app is asking for an update, click on the icon to update which comes with the notice to update.
  2. wait for the app to install completely and then connect to start using.


  1. Visit the app store that servers your device
  2. click on the update icon to start the update immediately.
  3. connect to start using.

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Why Update Facebook App

  1. to start enjoying the new features added to it.
  2. to avoid dangers that the app owner has discovered and have removed in the new app.
  3. to be trendy.
  4. be the first to have the new app.
  5. know when there is a new thing.

Features of Facebook 2019 App

  1. make quality video calls
  2. make quality and clear voice calls.
  3. hundreds of stickers, GIFs and emojis.
  4. chat now with speed.
  5. saves data.
  6. works perfectly even when there is little network.
  7. a tap on the app, your account opens.
  8. receives instant notification of anything happening in your account.

Facebook 2019 App Download Free

  1. download facebook version 2019 for your android, click here to download.
  2. to download facebook 2019 app for iPad and iphone, Click Here
  3. download facebook app apk for 2019 on PC and windows device, visit microsoft app store.

Note: All facebook lite app, facebook app and facebook messenger are free, so do not make any payment for it in any app store.

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