7 thoughts on “Facebook Account Delete Permanently | Deactivate FB Account

  1. Please remove my Face Book account perminently

    1. Sorry, we do not have the right to access your online account, but that is the reason why you have to use the procedures laid on this page and delete your facebook account permanently.

  2. Please advise me via email of how to remove my facebook account

  3. Know that every thing I do to express the principles of love and truth, I am contributing to the happiness and upliftment of those around me and bringing more of God light into this world.
    In the process I feel insecure in the relationship with some of the postings. At least, please delete/remove all the singular ladies pictures/photographs from my Time line immediately and conform the same to me by Email.

    1. So sorry about that I will show you how to un-tag any person that usually tag you too much.

  4. I,have already f.b account

  5. I’m deleting my facebook because, when I post something that is true and to the point, I’m asked to delete it. People tell me they will get fired if I post the truth on here. It’s sad. Bye bye facebook.

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