Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature | How it Works

Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature – Have you by any chance sent messages to friends on Facebook and now you feel like you want to withdraw/unsend your message but that wasn’t happening? then certainly this post if just for you.

Facebook have come up with this new unsend message feature which technically allows you to Unsend your message you sent out to your friends.

With this new Facebook’s messenger feature, you can stop any wrong message sent to a conversation. Literally, this seems to be among the top best feature on Facebook messenger.

Now it is a way of telling us that whenever you send messages to wrong persons or make mistakes while typing, that you can now do justice to it by making use of the Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature.

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How it Came to Stay

Facebook promised the unsend feature after an investigative report revealed that CEO and creator Mark Zuckerberg deleted some of his own sent messages.

Following the report, Facebook said that they would bring the option to unsend a message to all users.

How does Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature work?

It works so perfectly, and it is quite easier and faster. Lets check out how you can use the unsend feature on Messenger:

  • After 10 minutes of sending the message to the conversation
  • Tap on the message
  • Two options will appear: Remove for Everyone and Remove for You
  • Selecting Remove for Everyone replaces your message with text that the message has been removed by you.

Fortunately, the feature is now available on the latest Facebook messenger app, for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

NOTE: UNSEND doesn’t mean unseen, but the quickest UNSENDS might not be seen on the other side of the conversation.

Although, Facebook says the other users in the conversation will get a text alert saying that a comment was removed.

A placeholder noting that a message was removed will also be stuck in the portion of the conversation where the message was eliminated from. Users can still report messages after they’ve been removed.

Now you have known what prompted the Facebook Messenger Usnsend Feature and also learnt how to Unsend your own messages.

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