Facebook Launches New Dating App For Couples – Tech News

Facebook is here with one of the best of it’s kind, and it’s so cool to know that Facebook Launches New Dating App For Couples which is more secured and well authorized to prevent meeting fake people, unlike most people you meet on other social platforms.

I will like you to know the great feature installed with the Facebook Newly Launched Dating App For Couples, which was recently launched some days back, but below here I will be outlining the full details of this Facebook new app for couples.

One thing I will like you to know is that the Facebook Newly Launched Dating App For Couples is absolutely free and it came with the Facebook complete features but in a more advance way.

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The new dating app for couples doesn’t seem much different than any other social platform where people can chat directly with one another.


New Product Experimentation (NPE) a team from Facebook has developed a new app for iOS, Android, and the web, with a specific focus on consumer services, which is similar to Microsoft’s Garage group.

With the Facebook newly launched app you can send memos or voice notes with photos on any messaging app to one and other, this app also helps you in building trustworthy relationships and their maintenance tips could be helpful. Other relationship apps have created similar experiences with some offering activities or therapy techniques to practice.

Facebook has come to change the dating social network for the better with the ability to fish out scammers and also so block them once they go against the privacy policy and terms. So with this app, you are 100% secure from internet fraudsters and you can now get a good and successful relationship.

See Facebook Launches New Dating App For Couples here and how to download for free. Come start up a new perfect love story and long-lasting relationship here.

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