FCMB Credit Card Application Form Portal

Credit card visa is an electronic card payment issued to you from a bank or any financial institution, with a clean credit line which allows you to buy anything or make any payment without the bank debiting your personal account and with the cost on the banks account. Similarly, the FCMB credit card application portal is the portal via which the aspiring applicants applies for a credit card.

The card offers users a relief loan which they are expected to refund anytime as time goes on. To qualify for this card, you will have to meet up with the requirements which we will be listing for you later on this page.

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There are four reasons why this card was brought in place and this reasons are the following: To improve customers cash flow, to enable customers to boost their network in the society, so that customers can be bale to boost their credit history and so forth.

Who Can Apply for FCMB Credit Card?

  1. A customer who has a salary account with FCMB
  2. employee of a reputable organization
  3. a civil servants
  4. self employed professionals
  5. business travelers and the rest.

Features of Visa Credit

  • can be used to make payments, make an online purchase, make an order.
  • uses can withdraw physical cash using the ATM
  • the card is usable like your normal ATM visa and master cards
  • transactions are also authorized online.
  • up to 40 days interval
  • the cards are available in classic and Gold.

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FCMB Credit Card Application Form Portal

To apply for a credit card from FCMB, you will have to fill up the credit card application form and then meet up the requirements which applies to it, some of the features are what is listed for you above. However the card can also be applied for online, but you will need to meet up with all the required.

For more details on how to apply, you can visit www.buzybrains.com to learn more or join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/buzybrains.


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