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Firstrade is an online discount brokerage that has its headquarters in floshing, new york and U.S [united states]. This discount brokerage was founded in the year 1985.

Firstrade offers online stock trading, exchange-traded funds, bonds, mutual funds and option trading. There are no commissions to trade and broker-assisted trades cost $19.95.

Extended trading hours is one key feature Firstrade offers, which means you can place trades before or after traditional market hours.

There are also no commissions to buy into mutual funds. Firstrade also offers more than 700 commission free ETFs.

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Firstrade Benefits

It comes with a lot of benefits which includes:

  • Fristrade offers values investing, in first trade securities, they are lower price and hidden fees.
  • Full suites of product; we offer full suite in any product, like trade stock ,ETFS, options, fixed income and over 1,000 mutual funds.
  • Powerful trading tools; we also offer a very powerful trading tools that brings trading power to your finger tip.
  • Trade ideals; firstrade offer this platform for free research from the world trusted investment news and providers.

Firstrade Account

On this platform you must have and account and you can manage your account and also monitor your account with the dynamic tools and customizable features to fit your trading styles.

It is very easy to access your account and also monitor your gains and losses, searching through your account.

Firstrade Trading Services

In first trade securities it is very easy to place order, manage your account, get market your account get update and do research, it also very easy and convenient with the option laid out on a single screen under the trading we have.

Firstrade Dash Board

This allows you to get quick access to your account in one column and the market in another, so you can get quick access to all the market activity and news along with idea of effect on your holding.

It have Quick Bar that gives you the fastest and easiest way to trade, you can get the rating new and market analysis, pull option chains and more. You can also use the quick bar from anywhere in first trade securities.

Firstrade Research and Tools

This service offer a comprehensive array of the online brokers’ tools and through the research this helps you to make good decision in building your investment portfolio, in terms of the market and news, stocks, reporters, mutual funds, alerts, first trade, navigators, real time streaming watching and options wizard.

Firstrade Retirement and Planning

Tools and services help you prepare for your retirement on your terms. In terms of individuals retirement account we have fax free growth tax deferred.

In terms of small business, retirement plans helps you in your retirement step and simple plans for self-employed, individuals and small businesses and also in terms of education, savings, plans, tax center and personal finance.

It have an educational tools and services that helps you make your next decision and next moves in terms of stocks, option ETFS, mutual funds and fixed income. We render services to every of our client and customers. You can also contract us, fund your account online.

Firstrade Login

  1. Log on to the web Page
  2. Enter the url
  3. The page that pops out is the home
  4. Enter your login detail on the space created at the top of the home page, for your Username and password
  5. Click on login to login to your account

Looking for a nice Stock Trading and Discount online Brokerage platform? Firstrade is here fully for your services.

This is all we have for the Firstrade it’s Account login and other information that you may need.

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