Five Best USB-C Cables to Accelerate your Device Charge

It can be very frustrating when you purchase a device with an original battery but yet alone you still suffer from low charge due to the kind of USB cable being used. Although sometimes you could even purchase the kind of USB cable the device came with but yet alone it’s still not that active. This is probably as a result of most USB Type-A rectangular ports been produced, which will make it quite difficult to identify the main original one. There are about five best USB-C cables which have been produced for you to make your battery charge as effective as never before. Although it’s annoying to change out all your charging cables and accessories, the USB-C cables do have many advantages. With the new USB ports, you surely stand the chance to enjoy quite a speed boost prior to your battery charge.

These five best USB-C cables mostly support Android phones, Tablet phones, most Laptops, and some MacBooks. This connector fastens your device charges, and equally accelerating your data transfer between devices. This has been in the terms that there have been issues of low device charge which can be very frustrating and annoying. USB-C cables are reversible, charge your devices faster, and transfer data more quickly.

So whether you need a long cable, a short one, a cheap one, one that has USB-C on both ends, or one that has USB-C to USB-A, these cables are just the right deal for because it is tested and trusted. So you don’t have to go to any store and purchase any device cable you feel like, because there’s the probability of ending up buying the bad ones. So you need to be mindful and first pay attention to the five best USB-C cables so as to know what you’re about to purchase anytime the need arises.

List of the Five Best USB-C Cables

There has been a list of about five best USB-C cables probably detailed for you in this site. So you need to read below and know the tips about them.

#1. Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 CableAnker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable View

The Anker PowerLine USB cable is probably used to connect devices with a USB-C port. Anker’s PowerLine USB-C cables come with a Velcro tie to help you wrangle up any extra cord length you don’t need. It also makes travelling with your cable easier. You can buy this cable in several different sizes, including 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet. With a double exterior core, it is quite hard to get bent, or for it to get knotted like some other USB cables out there. The data syncing of this cable range to about 5 Gbps which is fast enough to transfer an HD movie within some few seconds. One other thing is that it’s only limited to fast-charging of Google Pixel XL phones.

You can purchase this cable right at Amazon where you could be able to get the official price, which is certified safe for use, and an 18-month warranty.

#2. Google USB-C to USB-C CablePurchase Google USB-C to USB-C Cable on Amazon

The Google USB cable which is about 1.8 meters a great deal to purchase and it’s actually direct from Google. With over 60W at 3A delivery, you surely don’t have to bother about fast battery charge of your device. Another unique stuff about this cable is the fact that it offers about 2.0 USB for your data syncing speeds, which actually means that you’ll get up to 480 Mbps. Even if there’s a fact where you decide to transfer your data from devices, it definitely boasts of 3.1 USB and up to 10 Gbps. Although, you have to bear in mind that Google has not yet approved the sale of this product in every country.

Go for your purchase by clicking here >>>  Google USB Type-C to Type-C Cable

#3. iOrange-E Veckle USB-C Reversible Cable

The iOrange-E USB cable is another interesting cable you need to check out for. The inside of this USB-C cable is covered in a layer of aluminium, which is covered in braided nylon for added durability. It has some quite unique View of the iOrange-E Veckle USB-C Reversible Cablefeatures to embrace; when it’s charging the flash will show a red light, a blue light shows that it’s charging at a fast rate, while the green flashlight shows that your device has been fully charged. And also, with over 2.4Amps delivery, it surely does support a fast charge for most Phones you can ever think of. Its nylon-braided fibre cable is very strong so as not to be tangled easily. And equally coupled with the fact that it is about 2 meters, there’s need for you to even use your phone from a distance while it’s charging. In terms of the data syncing, it can be able to carry up to 480Mbps.

You can purchase this cable right at Amazon

#4. Belkin USB-A to USB-C CableBelkin USB-A to USB-C Cable

Be it Belkin 2.0, 3.0, or probably the latest 3.1, there is a good tendency that this cable will definitely offer you what you’re really looking for.  And it’s probably at about 10Gps transfer rates which makes it more reliable.  It equally has about 3Amps maximum fast charge rate which makes it able to charge your devices as quickly as possible. Not only that, it equally has about 480Mbps transfer speed. One unique thing that gives this cable quite an edge is the fact that it is compatible with any device that supports USB-C, and it’s suitable for Macbook and Chromebook laptops.

If you want to know the price or probably purchase this cable, you simply have to visit >>>Amazon

#5. Bridgegen USB-C to USB-A Bridgegen USB-C to USB-A Cable

This cable has quite some unique colours in black, gold, and rose gold. Just like the iOrange-E, it equally has a nylon cable which makes it difficult for it to tangle even though it’s been bent on countless times. It has about 3.0Amps quick charge which enables it charges fast, and also about 480Mbps transfer speed. It is compatible with USB-C devices and others like; LG G6, Google Pixel, and it can equally be paired with Macbook.

Click here for your purchase >>>  Amazon

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