Get Your Corrupted SD Card Fixed Fast Using this Step-by-Step

Nowadays, modern technology has grown rapidly. With the use of mobile phones across the globe, it has become possible to create an SD Card in order to store file. Giving the fact that mobile phone capacity is not quite enough to retain the large files the phone needs to accumulate. Considering all the features associated with an SD Card, you really need to find a way to gett Whenever it develops an issue.

SD Card helps store maximum files like; videos, music, pictures, etc. With the use of SD card, you quite need to be aware that storing these files comes with the probability of acquiring virus which probably leads to damage, considering the proneness of SD Card to viruses. Like they say, “nothing is inevitable” but it depends on how one handles the situation after the occurrence. So read below and see how can be able to fix your corrupt SD Card when the inevitable happens.

Guideline on How to Fix Your Corrupt SD Card

In order for you to fix your corrupt SD Card comes in different ways which are drafted below:

Insert Your SD Card on another Device/PC: This clearly one major shot people do neglect. Just take this first step and discover whether truly whether it’s the fault of the SD Card or your device. If it does work, then know that there is no correlation between your device and the SD Card. If it doesn’t, then continue reading below and find other means to fix it.

Use Sandisk Command: This is done if you found out your files can’t be read. The directory outlines your filenames. To go on with this, just go to the Properties of the drive letter. Then if the SD Card space is free, then know that the files have just been detected or the directory have been erased. If such issue occurs, then you have no such other than to use a Sandisk to restore all the deleted files.

 Use Chkdsk Command: This command helps fix your corrupt SD Card in a different way via computer. We shall show you the steps via which you can be able to use this command:

  1. On the command window on your computer, press Windows + S buttons to open the search bar.
  2. When the Command Prompt program opens, right-click on it and run it as administrator.
  3. Connect your SD Card to the PC using the Card Reader in order to check the drive letter of the SD Card.
  4. On Command Window, type “chkdsk”, followed by the already established drive letter of the SD Card, a “colon and /f” at the command prompt.
  5. Then press “enter” to enable the Chkdsk to detect possible errors in order to fix your corrupt SD Card.
  6. Then check the assigned drive letter to your SD Card to verify the recovered files and be sure whether process went perfectly.

Install a Drive Letter: You can follow this process if your SD Card fails to read by a computer if it’s connected to a card reader. This issue occurs when the PC fails to assign drive letters to the reader. So in order to assign drive letter eg; (drive E) manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove your SD Card from your Smartphone and insert into your PC via a card reader.
  2. Right-Click to choose “Manage”
  3. Click on the “Disk Management”
  4. Right-Click on the SD Card and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths”
  5. Click “Change” to the drive letter.
  6. Select a drive letter from the list, and then click “OK” and discover whether the SD Card has been recognized.

Formatting of SD Card: You can take this procedure when you can’t be able to read the card. This simply means that your files have been lost. All you need to do is to reformat your SD Card, which will automatically clear all your files.

Note: Before starting this process, make sure your files have been stored on another drive before formatting.

Recover Your Files Using the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

This is another pattern which you can use to recover your SD Card files, which is applicable to Smartphone. So, therefore, follow the steps in order to use this software:

  1. The first step is to download and install the software.
  2. Connect your SD Card to your system to initiate the file recovery from the SD Card.
  3. Select the drive that you want to scan from the lists of external drives, and then click “Start Now”
  4. After scanning, view the process in the scanning bar.
  5. Then preview the listed files after the scanning process and then click on them. You can also select the files you want and click “Recover” button to recover your files.
  6. Finally, select the location where you want to save the recovered files.

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