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Having an Outlook email account is just so massive that it has led many people wanting to have one. For you to be able to Generate Your Outlook Email Account gives you the chance to import your Facebook contacts for ease of access and to chat with them through the Messaging feature. You can also use it to send and receive emails from other email accounts. This page completely shows full guides to start and finish Outlook New Email Account Registration.

Outlook email account equally gives you access to publish all of your Facebook statuses, photos or videos and view your friends’ updates too. All of your emails can be imported from Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express. Storage space is basically unlimited and will automatically increase when you need it.

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager, which is considered the best email service for any hardcore Microsoft user. It includes; calendar, task manager, contact manager, notes, journal, and web browsing. It also brings some great Office Web Applications and SkyDrive with it. Before you generate Your Outlook Email Account, it is advisable you first read below and know the prerequisites which have been properly packaged for you with sample images that tend to guide you.

How You can Generate Your Outlook Email Account

Follow the steps below and create a perfect Outlook email account for yourself:

  • Firstly, you’ll have to click on this link outlook.com and then click on “create account” to get started.

    Get started with your new Outlook mail account

  • The next page that appears shows you a column where you will be able to generate your own personal email account.

Note: In this type of email account, creating your own email can be achieved using only two set of emails (outlook.com or hotmail.com) depending on your preference. See image below…Select the type of email account you wish to use

  • Another page is where you have to create a strong password: Remember that this password comes in a combination of numbers and letters(upper and lower case)Choose a strong password to secure your account
  • Next thing is for you to fill your form: This comes in the prospect of filling your first name and last name in the two columns that will be provided. Then click ‘next’Provide Outlook your full name to ride on with your registration
  • When progress is achieved, a full page that contains your personal information appears like; Country, and DOB. Then click ‘next’Provide your nationality and DOB to help enable Outlook know you more
  • Next step is where you’ll have to input your country’s number code, and equally your phone number. Then click “send code” ( a code that determines your confirmation)imputing Your mobile number helps you have access to your account
  • A four-digit code will be sent to your mobile which you’ll be required to input in order to process your confirmation by clicking “next”

Note: In any case whereby you don’t receive any code, then you’ll have to click on where they wrote “I didn’t get a code” Having this four-digit code is necessary for confirmation

  • You’re gradually getting to the final spot; the next step is for you to set up your language and time zone. Just click on the language and time zone columns. Then click on the right arrow to move to the next page.indicate your location by setting your language and time zone
  • A page appears where you have to modify your page by choosing a nice customized theme. Then click on the same direction to move to another page.beautify your dashboard with a well customized theme
  • Next is where you’ll have to customize your signature which you can be able to use at the end of any official messages. If you don’t wish to add any, just select “default” and move to the next page.Having a signature in your account helps you secure it even more
  • Your account is all but set. Just click on “let’s go” to get startedkick off with your newly created Outlook mail account
  • Finally, your dashboard then appears and is ready for use.In your newly account, yo can be able to send and receive messages on Outlook

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