Get Started with Trillian Instant Messenger

If you’re an Android, iPhone, or desktop user, Trillian instant Messenger is just the right deal for you. Trillian enables you to connect to all instant messaging networks. And also, Trillian also enables you to be able to call, text, email, and even update posts. The reason for this is the fact that it has been noteworthy that many people now engage in some instant messaging social networks like; Facebook, Yahoo, GTalk, etc. So with Trillian, you can be able to connect to each of these networks and swift your access. This site has prepared for you all you need to know about this Trillian Instant Messenger.

Before you can be able to use the Trillian mobile app, you have to make sure that you first set up an account with Trillian servers. This account keeps track of your IM account and helps you to engage in chat with other Trillian users. Once you set up this account, all IM networks will be stored on the Trillian servers. There are other things you need to know about this Trillian Instant Messenger, as the app is available for Android, iPhone, Mac, and even on Windows PC devices.

How to Access Trillian Instant Messenger

Before you can be able to use Trillian instant Messenger, you need to first download the app on your device. You need to follow the steps provided below to install your Trillian app on any device you’re using.

To download the app on Android; you first need to click on on your Play Store service > Tap on the application and tap Install > after installation, tap on Accept. After that, you’ll have to launch the app by tapping on the app and then enter your CLU email address and password.

Then as for iPhone devices; click on this link and download on Apple store > tap on Install > after that, sign in to the iTunes store > enter the iTunes password > then tap OK. Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll have to open the app and enter the CLU email address and password and then sign in.

To download on Windows PC, trillian/download > Once it’s been installed, then open to launch the app > Click on Sign in. Once you’ve done that, you have to enter your CLU email address and password. You’ll then have to sign in once you’ve completed this process.

To download on Mac, you have to click on > Once the app is installed, the app will then appear in your applications folder. If you want to locate the application folder, locate “Go” at the top of the screen and then click on “Applications.”

How to Add Friends on Trillian

Once you’ve finally launched the app on any of your devices, you’ll therefore understand how to add a contact on Trillian.

  1. In order to do this, you’ll have to click on the Trillian button in the top left corner of your contact list and tap on “Add Contact.”
  2. Select the contact you wish to add to the account.
  3. Type the username of the contact you wish to add.
  4. You can also select a group to link the contact.
  5. After that, you’ll then have to click “Add” for the request to be sent and upon approval.

How to Set Up a Group Chat

To create a group chat, you just need to follow the guideline her; click the Trillian button at the top left corner > tap on Group Chats > then click Start Chat. After that, a contact list will then appear where you can be able to select the contacts you wish to add to the new group chat. Finally, click “New chat” to open the new group chat.

For you to be able to engage in a group chat, you have to first of all add users to the group. In order to do this, you have to tap on “Details” > Select users to add and click “Add People.” The new users have now been added to the group chat where messages are being sent and received.

Note: You can also have a group chat on Trillian. On your Microsoft Windows, you can voice-chat your contacts once your computer has a microphone. But you can also perform this task if you have a Skype account or Trillian Astra account.

How to Delete your Account

If you want to delete your Trillian account, all your information will be removed including your chat history. So if you delete your account, you’ll be disconnected and will not be able to recover it. To delete your account, tap on Settings > select Delete account > then click “Email me a delete code” > then fill out the necessary information and then click “Delete Account.”

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