New Account Registration Account is own and managed by Google. Gmail is one of the top 3 rated emails that’s intuitive, efficient, and useful. ON and after following the New Account Registration process you have a free 15 GB of storage to save your files and other valuable documents, which remains in there as long as your email account remains active.

You may me wondering also the reasons why Google Gmail account is more preferred than other mailing sites, this because filters your email and fish out the spam messages, by so doing blocking spams and you can only see less spam.

It really does matter which dices you are using to access your email because the Google Mail site is mobile-friendly which enable users access mail via mobile.

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Do you want to Sign Up for a New Google Gmail account? Then use the steps below.

Full Guide for New Account Registration 

1.  Visit

2.  The web address will take you to Google account sign in and registration

3.  Click Create account. Now the Google account registration form appears which you are supposed to fill in your Bios (data), this will enable Google to create a profile account for you online. With this when ever you login to any Google account you still see the same information about you.

how to sign up gmail account4.  On the form, you are expected to provide your full name, choose an email address that ends with (for example:, password, date of birth and location

5. In the aspect of your Mobile number, you have to provide a valid phone number because you will have to verify your account with a code that should be sent to you by Google.

6.  The part for you to prove that you are not a Robot. Means you have to type in the box the code or text as it appears to you.

7.  Then click Create account

8.  Finally, is for you to confirm the mobile number you entered for the last time because verification code will be sent to it.

Verification code may come to you via

  • SMS
  • Calling

9.  Enter the code, then click verify.

10.  Now your account is fully opened. You can now log in to your new Gmail account

That’s all about New Account Registration tips!

I hope you can do this well. But if any challenges use our comment box below.


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