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Hitwe.com is a popular dating website and the peoples’ choice to meet new friends all over the world. On Hitwe, many registered users are found there, with so many successful testimonies how there got to know their spouse through the Hitwe.com social networking site.

The interesting part of it is that Hitwe Mobile Sign Up for a new account is 100% possible and free this is because the website supported both computer and mobile format. Meaning that its mobile-friendly.

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Hitwe Mobile Benefits

For language understanding, it really doesn’t matter because hitwe account supports many languages, so you are covered. But the general language settings is “English”.

You meet and chat with “Real People”. Unlike some dating sites where you think you are chatting with a friend later to realize that it’s not real. Hitwe.com has covered that gape. So everything you do here is real.

You have total control of your account, editing, deleting and upgrading… all depends on what you want and how you want your account to look like.

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On our previous article about Hitwe account registration, we showed full steps on how to create the account for free using mobile and computer and via Hitwe Mobile App also.

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But here this page is only concerned with how to signup for Hitwe account on the Mobile phone.

Hitwe Mobile Sign Up can be achieved in two ways, which includes opening account through Hitwe.com App and the official website www.hitwe.com

Let get started…

Full Guide on Hitwe Mobile Sign Up for New Account

Using the official website this time www.hitwe.com

  1. Lunch your mobile phone browser and visit www.hitwe.com
  2. On the already you have the option to create your dating account using any of the social networks account (if you have any of it existing already); Facebook, Yandex, VK.com, mail.ru and Google+ account. So if you have any of those social networks accounts you can click on the “icon” then you are automatically sign-in to your new Hitwe account. The brain behind this option is that Hitwe will automatically use any of this social networks to creating your hitwe.com profile account.
  3. But if you do not have account with the above listed social networks or you do not want to link your social networks to your social networks then you have to click the “Registration” tab on www.hitwe.com
  4. Now enter your name, email account, password, gender and confirm you are human.
  5. Then click on “create account”

Congratulation because you just finished the Hitwe Mobile Sign Up for free… very fast. But its important you visit your email account just in case an email is sent to you to confirm your hitwe registration.

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Now this for Creating account through HitWe Mobile App

You have to download the App first through your app store then after downloading the app, lunch it, then your name email account and other information about you will be required to setup your hitwe app profile account (we advise you follow the instructions as it comes your way).

After all of this, you can now start chatting, be dating and making new friends on Hitwe.

Please note that hitwe registration rules and regulations is applied. If you violate any of the account policy your account may be deleted automatically.



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