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Wix has become one of the fast growing notable website builders on currently on the net. Its popularity has grown kudos to its new upgrade. With this website builder, you can be able to create as many websites as you want. The beauty about this platform is that you don’t even need new software installation for it because it runs on your already-installed web browser. This site will provide you with the highlight on how you can create a Wix website builder account.

If you have your foundation set up in business, online stores, and even blog sites, etc, then you surely need Wix website builder to create and optimize a perfect site for you to improve the popularity of your private website platform. Giving the fact, Wix also offers you many interesting tools such as photo filters and animated texts in order to give a cool design for your website. You have to read below to know how you can properly access the Wix website builder.

How to create a new Wix Website Builder account

Use the step-by-step method below to do this successfully. But make sure you’re signing up with a different email address to the main one you’re using.

  1. Go to the homepage at
  2. Then enter a different email address to your account. Facebook account or Google account, etc.
  3. Enter a password and still re-enter the password.
  4. Then click “Sign up.”

Vital Tip about the Wix Website

You’re now free to sign in to your Wix account. But should there be any reason you’re having difficulty login in, then you have to select the “Forgot password” > and then click “Reset password >” fill the required information in the provided link here >>verification form.

One thing again is that you have to add a valid contact email. Once you’re through, your request will then have to follow it up.

Once you’ve reset your password but still find it difficult to sign in to your account, then you have to close and re-open your web browser but make sure you clear the cache. And also, you have to make sure that your cookies are not blocked in order to grant access.

Next thing for you is to add your username on Wix. This links together with your URL meaning that any changes been made in your username will definitely affect your URL.

Your username must be within the region of 6-20 characters with the combination of letters and numbers, which you can also view on your dashboard.

Note: If you want to change your username, you can also do that. To do this, first sign in to your Wix account > Click on “Account Settings” > Then make the relevant changes you want to make prior to your username or image > Click “Upload image” > select image you want to download and upload > Click “Apply” > Then click “Save Changes.”

The Subscription Settings

If you want to subscribe for a given service, you first have to click on the “Account Settings” page > Click on “Manage your Subscriptions” > Then click on the checkbox that states “Keep me updated about new features and tips.”

You can still unsubscribe from a given service if you want to. In order to do this, open your Account Settings page > click on same Manage your Subscriptions > then unselect the checkbox “Keep me updated about new features and tips.”

How to Deactivate your Wix Account

Before deactivating your Wix account, you have to make sure that you cancel each of your Wix services and wait for its expiration before deactivating your account. In order to do this, you have to see the steps below.

  1. The first step you need to take is to cancel all your existing Wix services. You can do this through the Billing and Payments page in your account, and then click “Manage” to view the expiration of each and every subscription plan.
  2. Then you have to delete the sites that are linked to your Wix account. Go to the dashboard > click “Manage Website > then click “Delete site.”
  3. The next step for you is to remove any remaining domain from your account.
  4. Finally, you’ll then have to click on “Deactivate my account” and then confirm by tapping “Yes.”

Note: If you’re having issues with deactivating your account, you’ll just have to click on this link Wix to contact the Customer Support team.

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