How to Access Yahoo Messenger Account

Yahoo Messenger remains one of the few popular instant messaging programs available, even to businesses. It’s accessible across many platforms and devices, making it very convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

You can use the Yahoo Messenger program on your computer or the app on your mobile device. Using Yahoo Messenger for talking is free, as long as you do it over the Internet. This site has prepared for you how to use Yahoo messenger account succinctly.

One of the unique factors about this program is that it supports online text conversations and voice calls, add any contacts who have their own Yahoo IDs, chat and talk with your friends with Yahoo accounts easily, and also send invitations to sign up for Yahoo messenger. So read below so as to know how Yahoo messenger account works.

How to Set Up a New Yahoo Messenger Account

To be able to start to chat on your Yahoo Messenger account, you first need to create a Yahoo ID or username. All of this will be shown to you below:

  1. Download and install the latest version (Yahoo Messenger 11.5.)
  2. Then open the application and then click on “Get a New Yahoo ID” to load the registration form via your default browser.
  3. Fill out the registration form. You’ll be required to input your Name, Phone number, and DOB.
  4. Then after that, input your Yahoo username and your password. If the user ID or password has been used, you’ll be required to use a different one.
  5. You’ll then have to accept the Yahoo terms and service policy and then click “Create Account.”
  6. A hidden text will be sent to you. Type in the Text Field and then click on “Submit Code.” If you’re unable to see the code, you can simply click on “Audio Code” to hear the letters.
  7. You’ll then have to click on the “Send SMS” button so as to receive a verification code by text message. If you want to receive the verification code via call, simply click on the “Call You” link.
  8. Enter the code been sent to you and then click on the “Submit code” button.
  9. Finally, the registration process has now been completed.
  10. The next thing to do is to open the Yahoo Messenger and input your username and password, and then click on the “Sign in” button to log in.

Now you’ve seen how to set up the Yahoo messenger account, now you can read further and see how you can be able to make use of the service. One thing about this service is that not only can you download it on your computer, but also through the mobile app.

If you want to download the app on your device, simply use these steps below;

  • From your mobile phone, launch your App store. You should know all OS has their app stores.
  • Type in “Yahoo Mail”.
  • From the list of results you see, select only the app produced by Yahoo
  • Then follow other instructions to download ad install the app

Once you’ve downloaded the app and have gone through the processes above, you’ll then need to know some certain things like how to add friends, Log out, and then delete your account.

How to Add Friends on Yahoo Messenger Account

If you want to add friends on your Yahoo messenger account, see steps below:

  1. You’ll first start by clicking the “Add” icon under the Messenger Window’s tab.
  2. Type the full email address of the contact you want to add into the window’s text field.
  3. Then select “Yahoo Messenger” in the drop-down box.
  4. Click “Next” in order to open a list of your current groups, and choose a group from the list.
  5. After that, you then have to click “Next” and “Finish” to add the contacts to Yahoo Messenger.

How to Sign Out of your Yahoo Messenger Account

However, here’s how to sign out if you do want to:

  1. Tap on your profile icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to find and click on “Accounts.”
  3. Tap on the “Sign Out” link to see a pop-up confirming that you’d like to sign out.
  4. Then Tap the blue “Continue” button to sign out of your Yahoo messenger account.

Note: The web and mobile version of Yahoo Messenger let you clear the conversation to remove the history from the message. You can do this from the small (i) button at the top right of the message.

How to Delete your Yahoo Messenger Account

If you ever feel that you’re done with your account and don’t wish to continue, there are options for you to delete it. The steps have been drafted for you below:

  1. At first, you just need to click on this link >>> so as to go to the Yahoo Account Termination page.
  2. After that, you’ll then have to log in using your username and your password.
  3. Once you’ve done so, you’ll then need to verify the termination process by inputting your password.
  4. Finally, your access to your account will then be permanently disabled and the account will then be put in the deletion list. If it’s not been retrieved after 90 days, then the account will then be deleted finally.

The above steps will help you delete your Yahoo messenger account successfully.

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